Pilke science-oriented daycare centre Siru

Realizations and experimentations!

Pilke science-oriented daycare centre Siru

Realizations and experimentations!

Opening hours

Mon–Fri 6:30 – 17 (as necessary)


  • Tähdet (under 3y.) tel. 040 457 8996
  • Tähdenlennot (under 3y.) tel. 040 901 3243
  • Pyrstötähdet (under 3y.) tel. 040 575 0191
  • Pohjantähdet (under 3y.) tel. 040 621 2480
  • Auringot (3-6y.) tel. 040 457 8997
  • Meteoriitit (4-5y.) tel. 040 635 4833
  • Revontulet (3-6y.) tel. 040 457 8995
  • Komeetat (5-6v., preschool) tel. 040 589 5792


From 1.8.2021 the client fee as its highest is 288 €/month. Service voucher and daycare hours may affect to the fee.

Ask about the sibling discount from the manager.

The daycare centre participates in the City of Espoo’s trial in which 20 weekly hours of early childhood education and care are offered for five-year-olds free of charge. Please inquire for further details from the daycare centre manager.


Apply for a service voucher on the website of the City of Espoo. Please fill Pilke’s daycare application form.

Science-oriented daycare centre Pilke Siru opened in a log building in Lintuvaara, Espoo, in the autumn of 2019

Pilke’s science-oriented daycare centre Siru opened in the Espoo district of Lintuvaara in a new log building in August 2019. In the ecological log building, children and early childhood educators get to enjoy fresh indoor air, good acoustics and the calm, peaceful atmosphere created by solid wood elements.

Siru is a science-focused kindergarten whose emphasis is on studying and wondering about phenomena that have arisen from children’s thoughts and interests. Depending on the age of the children, it can be the study of the different forms of water, the study of the solar system, the wonder of the rainbow or the construction of three-dimensional objects. Science education for children under three years of age is based on the use of the senses, perception, wondering, questioning, stories and fairy tales. 

Pilke science-oriented daycare centre Siru - Focus

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Pilke science-oriented daycare centre Siru - Location

Lintukorpi 16, 02660 Espoo

Contact us

Contact information

Manager Vera Tarvonen
Tel. 040 9052 695

Lintukorpi 16
02660 Espoo

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