Pilke Pohjantähti

At Pilke Pohjantähti, every child is a star!

Pilke Pohjantähti

At Pilke Pohjantähti, every child is a star!

Opening hours

Mon—Fri 6.15 – 17 (as necessary)


  • Under 3y. groups:
  • Foxes tel. 040 457 7080
  • Lions tel. 040 457 7546
  • Unicorns tel. 040 456 6440
  • Over 3y. groups:
  • Goats tel. 040 456 6439
  • Swans tel. 040 456 6438
  • Dragons tel. 040 487 7543
  • Lynxes tel. 040 458 9638
  • Lizards tel. 040 458 9637
  • Preschool:
  • Eagles tel. 040 457 7545


The client fee as its highest is 318 €/month. Service voucher and daycare hours may affect to the fee.


Apply for a service voucher daycare place on the website of the City of Vantaa and fill in the Pilke’s Daycare application form.

At Pilke Pohjantähti, every child is a star!

The international daycare centre Pilke Pohjantähti is located on Mesikukantie Street in Koivuhaka, Vantaa. Pohjantähti provides extensive bilingual early childhood education in Finnish and English at a warm-spirited daycare centre.

“Pohjantähti” is the Finnish name for Polaris, the northern pole star. It is the brightest star of Ursa Minor, also known as the Little Bear constellation.

Pilke Pohjantähti - Location

Mesikukantie 13, 01300 Vantaa

Contact us


Greetings from the Pilke Pohjantähti manager

Hi, I am Ringa Koskinen, Pilke Pohjantähti/Polaris kindergarten manager.

I have a wide qualified educational experience in early years, music and arts, also in international environments. I have been working in several Finnish and English speaking kindergartens and schools for over ten years, first as a kindergarten and music teacher, and as a manager for the last six years.

I am a warm hearted, creative person and love to have a close relationship with the staff, kids and families. We are going to have a lot of fun working together!

My native language is Finnish. I also speak English all the time at home with my family, as my partner comes from UK where we travel every now and then to visit our relations. Outside Pilke opening times you can find me composing; playing and singing folk/ethno music in different music projects/bands, knitting, crafts and spending a lot of time with my family and our dogs.

I am delighted, excited and happy to introduce myself and Pilke Pohjantähti to you.

Our teaching methods in Pohjantähti encourage the children to laugh a lot, and use both English and Finnish in a natural way through activities and everyday situations. We follow the Finnish national core curriculum for early years in both Finnish and English languages. Our staff working language is English, and the whole staff is international: we embrace this every single day. Diverity is a huge strenght here as we see it  <3 .

We beliveve here in Pohjantähti, that children learn everything, language included, quickly through play, arts and problem solving with the guidance of our magnificent teachers. Our main goal is to get them motivated, interested and excited for new things and experiences and enjoy all of it before entering school. The more curious they get, the more interesting their whole life gets in future. This opens doors and makes everything possible!

Our kindergarten has a capability to have children of all ages from babies through preschool. They all have their own specific learning areas designed to suit every age group to learn and show their best potential.

We have also monthly visiting activities for you to join in to experience how we learn through play with our children. You are always welcome for a visit!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, I am here to help you out 🙂

During the spring, we will organize three visits with different themes, when you can to visit the kindergarten, meet the kindergarten director and educators, and hear more about the versatile activities of the Pilke kindergartens.

11.3. at 9.45-10.30 Outdoor activities: water colour painting on snow.

12.4. at 9.45-10.30 Easter Bunny search.

25.5. at 9.45-10.30 Singing, Crafts table.

Contact information

Ringa Koskinen
tel. 040 457 7077

Pedagogical manager:
Satu Sahla
tel. 044 457 7081

Vice Manager
puh. 040 457 7547

Pedagogical manager:

tel. 040 458 9636


Mesikukantie 13
01300 Vantaa

Apply for Pilke Pohjantähti

Fill Pilke’s daycare application form.

Apply for a service voucher from Vantaa website.

Fill Pilke’s daycare application form

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