Kiddy House

Learning English is fun!

Kiddy House

Learning English is fun!

Opening hours

Mon—Fri 6.45—17:00 (6.45am—5pm) (as necessary)


  • Starlets tel. 040 523 9868
  • Moonbeams tel. 040 523 9571
  • Rainbows tel. 040 523 9758
  • Sunrays (pre-school) tel. 040 523 9758


The maximum customer fee is 325 euros per month. The payment is affected by the value of the service voucher and the agreed care time.


If you wish your child to have a daycare place in Kiddy House, fill in the Pilke Daycare application.

Kiddy House is a bilingual daycare centre where we speak both English and Finnish

Kiddy House in Kerava became a Pilke Daycare Centre on August 1, 2016. In addition to supporting the child’s versatile development and learning, our goal is to introduce the over three-year olds to the English language and to encourage them into active use of this new language with the help of our English- and Finnish-speaking staff.

We think it is important that the child’s active individual learning and the development of mental skills can take place in a safe and accepting environment. In our activities we emphasize internationality, tolerance and acceptance of diversity.

Parents’ association was founded in 1996. The goal is to produce various experiences to the children and their families. The association invents and creates events and raises necessary additional funding in cooperation with the staff of the daycare centre.

Kiddy House - Location

Marjatantie 19, 04230 Kerava

Contact us

Contact information

Manager Nina Finsk
Puh. 040 451 7034

Marjatantie 19
04230 Kerava

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