Pilke Playschool Haukilahti

Celebrating 20 years of teaching in English!

Pilke Playschool Haukilahti

Celebrating 20 years of teaching in English!

Opening hours

Mon—Fri 7.30—17.30 (7:30am—5:30pm) (as necessary)


  • To reach your child’s Teachers or for any information on your child’s day please call: tel. 046 878 4766!


After deducting the private day care allowance, the customer fee is 370€/month. Ask the day care manager about our sibling discount.

The playschool is part of Espoo city’s experiment for free-of-charge 20 hours of early childhood education per week for 5 years old children. Ask more information from the playschool manager.

It all starts with a warm smile in the morning, lots of fun and fresh air, a safe and enriching environment and gentle care.

With a 23 year history of providing Early Education Pilke Haukilahti Playschool (formerly Garden City Westend Playschool) has now moved to a new bright and beautiful home for our community of families.  We are now located in Haukilahti Shopping Center (Ukkohauentie 11-13, Espoo) close to forests, sports fields, public libraries and museums.

Our Playschool provides care for children 3 to 6 years old. We are an Espoo City approved Pre-school that provides holistic pre-primary education in English while also simultaneously supporting Finnish language development through our “Suomi Klubi” which is incorporated in our curriculum 2 hours per week.

Our curriculum follows the National Core for Early Childhood Education and Care from Finland and focuses on learning & growing through play and self expression. Following the children’s interests and enthusiasm for exploration and action is the basis of our activities.

We focus on the unique development of each child and the importance of a warm and nurturing learning environment.  Excellent communication and cooperation with guardians  as well as strong staff continuity has created a stable and joyful environment for children to grow and develop.

We celebrate many festivals and events throughout the year and provide an inclusive environment for our diverse and multicultural families. We care about the personal, social and emotional well-being and growth of each unique child. We want to learn the best way to develop their individual strengths and help to create confident, relaxed children who have friends and an “I can do it!” attitude.

Let’s use what your child loves as the way to help them to make friends, be confident, explore the world and have fun – and let’s do it in English!

Pilke Playschool Haukilahti - Location

Ukkohauentie 13, 02170 Espoo

Contact us

Contact information


Cornelia Tuoriniemi

Tel. 0432 113 602

Ukkohauentie 13
02170 Espoo

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