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After-school Activity


Pilke päiväkodit has after school-activity in 24 schools in Espoo, Vantaa, Pori, Helsinki and Kirkkonummi. After school activity has been arranged since 2003.

After school activity starts after the school day and ends  at 17.00. The after school clubs are for children in 1-2 grade or children in special education. The after school activity is supervised and guided. On the first days, the instructors collect the children from their classrooms. The children are divided into activity groups in which they familiarise with the after-school club facilities and rules. Small groups are formed later on the basis of school timetables, friend wishes and desired activities. The actual instructed hobby club activities start in late August, at the earliest on the second operational week.


Outdoor activities

After a long day at school, it is important for children to play freely and enjoy fresh air. The instructors supervise the outdoor activities and play with the children. We spend time outdoors regardless of the weather. The school’s yard rules and boundaries are adhered to when participating in the outdoor activities. In addition, children may participate in instructed yard games and group play.


Daily activities

At Pilke After-School Club, we ensure that children feel safe, have fun, learn new things and are accepted as who they are. At the club, children get to play with new and old friends. As a matter of fact, one of our objectives is to create a solid platform for long friendships. Afternoon snack, outdoor activities, collective yard games, group play, homework and versatile, daily hobby clubs, such as handicraft, creative activity and sports clubs, are part of the after-school club’s everyday operation.

The children have time to do their homework. Children do their homework in facilities reserved for after­school activities by the school. Usually this means classrooms. Parents are responsible for checking that children have done their homework. If the child has only homework that has to be done at home, they can relax, for example, by reading or drawing after the snack.

The hobby clubs are planned and instructed by the instructors. The children are also allowed to participate in the planning. The content of hobby clubs is adapted to the club’s and the children’s programmes. Children may also choose free-form outdoor activities as after-school club is part of their free time. The hobby clubs may involve, for example, ball games, handicrafts, theatre, yard games, cooking and nature activities.


Objectives of After School Activity


  • To offer safe, supervised and guided activity for first and second grade students.
  • To enable the parents to work
  • To support the schools and family’s upbringing
  • The child feels safe. There is an trained adult present who can listen to the child and when necessary hold the child.
  • The child enjoyes the after school club and is able to make new friends. No one is left out.
  • The children learn to do their homework and take responsibility for their actions.
  • The children will learn good habits: thank you, you are welcome, noticing others and greeting others. By greeting no one will be able to leave the after school club unnoticed.
  • The children will slowly learn to take responsibility for themselves and their belongings such as clothes and backpacks by the help of supportive adults.


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Exercise includes instructed yard games, group play, football, floorball or other ball games. The instructors supervise the outdoor activities and play with the children. These will be held in the school gym and in spring and autum outside in the field. The exercise is supposed to be fun and we aim that every child will feel the joy of exercising without the pressure of competing.


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Crafts includes lots of activities that you do with your hands such as drawing, painting, baking, sewing etc. The goal is that the child will get to know different materials and ways of working.


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Drama is all about voice, movement, sense and improvisation practices as well as creative plays and games. The most important thing in drama is that the children can be as involved as they want without anyone forcing them to perform.

Story telling

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Story telling sessions helps the children to relax after a school day. By listening to stories and participating in discussions  the children will get to know the seasonal or themed stories.

Nature club

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Nature club, instructed activity depends on the children’s interest, instructors skills and the space.


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