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Westend Playschool

Westend Playschool is an Espoo City approved Pre-school that provides holistic pre-primary education in English. You can apply in Pre-school education between 8 and 22 January 2018.

We are a small and cozy location with a well established Pre-school program and low teacher turn over rate. Within the 20 hours of Pre-school we also have 2 hours of Suomi Klubi to support the children’s Finnish as well. On average 85 % of our Pre-schoolers go to bi-lingual schools.

Westend Playschool caters to children aged 3 to 6. Our address is Westendintie 99-101, B 14 02160 Espoo. We are a really warm and happy place with lots of trips and activities! We have close access to the local library, forests, sledding hills and the beach. We are also within easy access of Länsiväylä.

Our curriculum follows the National Core for Early Childhood Education and Care from Finland. We focus on the unique development of each child and the importance of a warm and nurturing environment. We make sure that your child can express their creativity and be an active participant in their learning journey with us.

Please call us to schedule a visit and meet our fun and caring staff!

Additional information:
Manager Cornelia Tuoriniemi
Tel. 0432 113 602 

”Let’s use what your child loves as the way to help them to make friends, be confident, explore the world and have fun – and let’s do it in English!”


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Vapaalantie 2 B 25
01650 Vantaa

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