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Good day makers at childcare

Pilke Childcare Services provides families with better daily life. We offer home care for sick children as companies’ employee benefits, home services for families as municipal purchased services as well as private childcare services. Our childcarers are part of a community of over 2,000 early childhood education and childcare professionals who strive for providing children with a good day, every day.

As an employer, we aim to take good care of our employees: we offer an active, encouraging and motivational work community as well as competitive employee benefits. Get to know Pilke as an employer and read more about working at Pilke Childcare Services.

Childcarer’s work is flexible and versatile

Pilke’s competent childcarers are reliable and safe adults. With them, children always have an opportunity for a good day.

We offer childcare services around the clock, every day of the year. Jobs may be called in with a short notice: at best, the childcarer arrives at the client’s home in half an hour. Our childcare service area covers the Capital Region and Uusimaa municipalities, the regions of Tampere and Pirkanmaa as well as the cities of Turku, Oulu and Kuopio, including their close surroundings.

Families utilise our childcare services in various life situations. For example, an employer can offer care services for a sick child as an employee benefit, or a municipality can provide families with help via the service voucher system. Families can request a childcarer to assist in daily evening chores or in transporting the children to hobbies. The needs and wishes may vary – our job is to provide the help of a safe adult.

The work at Pilke Childcare Services is particularly suitable for childcarers, practical nurses, public health nurses and students of these fields. All applicants must be of legal age and have experience in caring children of all ages. We check the applicants’ backgrounds and criminal records carefully.

The childcare work is flexible: you can work full weekend hours, take on occasional jobs or something in between depending on your wishes and situation in life. As such, the work is suitable for full-time professionals, students and pensioners alike.

What makes a good childcarer?

According to parents, the most important quality of a childcarer is reliability. A good childcarer is described as a trustworthy, cheerful person who loves children.

Parents tend to say that a successful day of childcare shows on the child’s face. Other desired characteristics include inventiveness, dedication, empathy, gentleness and patience

“In the eyes of a child, the best childcarer is authoritative but knows how to have fun. A person who sets limits and holds on to them while providing care and love from the bottom of their heart. Childcare is heartfelt work.” – Jaana

Pilke’s childcarers always strive to provide children with a good day. We wish to ensure that parents feel safe about inviting our childcarers to their home. Consequently, we constantly request our clients to provide feedback and share their experiences about our childcarers.

What is it like to work at Pilke Childcare Services? Read more about Pilke’s professionals, the good day makers!

Career story: Milja Johansson, Childcarer

Children’s joy and happy faces are an abundant source of energy

Read Milja's story

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A smile spreads across Milja Johansson’s face when she reminisces about her first home services client in Kirkkonummi. Milja has worked as a childcarer at Pilke since 2015.

“I thought I would be a one-time substitute for a municipal childcarer but ended up helping the family and their less than one year old daughter for almost six months – sometimes full-time from Monday to Friday,” Milja recounts.

In home services for families, the childcarer facilitates a family’s daily life even at times when it is difficult for the parents due to an illness or another challenging life situation.

“I visit some clients weekly and some once every two months. Usually, I stay from two to five hours. Most of my tasks involve regular childcare but I try to assist otherwise too whenever I notice something I can do to ease the family’s daily life,” Milja says.

A typical reason for the need for home services is postnatal depression. In that case, a childcarer is required to support the mother and let her take a breather.

“When I take the child outdoors in a pram, the mother can take a well-deserved long nap or run errands in town. A chance to unwind is vital to the mother and helps her cope better.”

Milja has performed various childcare duties for over 10 years, and she has experience from work at daycare centres, care chains and care of sick children. She plans to continue as a childcarer.

“I feel motivated when I notice that my genuine attendance and care has been of help and I have managed to create a relaxed atmosphere. Even if I’m sometimes tired at the end of the day, children’s joy and happy faces are an abundant source of energy,” Milja says.

Career story: Tarja Koivunen, Childcarer

There are plenty of games to play

Read Tarja's story

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Tarja Koivunen is one of Pilke’s more than a hundred childcarers. Most of Tarja’s workdays are spent caring for sick children. When a child has to stay at home due to the flu or a fever, for example, the parents can order a warm-hearted childcarer and go to work with a peace of mind.

“Children are often quite energetic even when sick, and the day is spent playing, doing handicraft, reading and playing board games, depending on the child’s condition and wishes. As the child’s personality shows pretty quickly, you can sense how to be with them.”

Tarja is usually notified of a job on the previous day or in the morning after 7 o’clock. Based on the child’s age, she decides which handicraft and play equipment to take with her.

“It is wonderful to see a child’s imagination fly. If you just play along, there are plenty of games to play.

Pilke’s childcarers always comply with the parents’ instructions and hopes. When Tarja meets the parents, she asks for all essential information to ensure the day goes well. And they always have gone well. Tarja’s path to become a childcarer is not the most usual one as she changed an over 30-year long career in marketing and office work to childcare.

“I have enjoyed the work very much and received positive feedback from the parents. This has felt like my thing.”


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