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Good day makers at after-school clubs

Pilke’s after-school activities support schools in their basic task and parents in bringing up their children. We provide children with a balanced day, realising their right to free-time, rest, play and care.

Our after-school club instructors are part of a community of over 2,000 early childhood education and childcare professionals who strive for providing children with a good day, every day.

As an employer, we aim to take good care of our employees: we offer an active, encouraging and motivational work community as well as competitive employee benefits. Get to know Pilke as an employer and read more about working at Pilke after-school clubs.

A good day for school children

Pilke’s after-school club instructors are reliable and safe adults. With them, children always have an opportunity for a good day.

Pilke organises supervised and instructed basic education after-school activities in Espoo, Vantaa, Pori, Porvoo, Helsinki and Kirkkonummi primarily for first and second graders as well as special support students of other grades.

Our after-school club instructors support every child’s personal learning and encourage them to do their homework. Physical exercise, well-being, play and the learning of good media skills are integral parts of our club-goers’ afternoons. Our after-school club operation emphasises safety, tolerance, positive attitude, participation, innovativeness and sustainable development.

Pilke’s energetic and resourceful after-school club instructors motivate and encourage the children. An experienced instructor always has ideas for activities, and they never lose their temper even if the children lose theirs.

The work is flexible, and the employees have a say on their timetables. As we know that the peer support of colleagues is vital, we organise common networking and training events for instructors in the same area.

In addition to a competitive salary, we offer every employee excellent employee benefits and opportunities for further education

What is it like to work at Pilke’s after-school clubs? Read more about Pilke’s professionals, the good day makers!

Joona Jantunen

Career story: Joona Jantunen, Senior After-school Club Instructor, Espoo

“The best thing is when I come to work, and a happy child runs up to hug me.”

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Joona Jantunen works as Jousenkaari After-school Club’s Senior Instructor. In addition, Joona works three morning shifts at the English-speaking Pilke Playschool Tapiola. The combination forms a full-time job. By education, Joona is a learning support and morning and afternoon club activity instructor. He started working at Pilke in the autumn of 2018.

Joona works at the recently renovated, beautiful Uusikumpu School building in the Espoo district of Niittykumpu where the Jousenkaari School’s substitute premises are located. However, this was not the case last year. In the previous operational period, Jousenkaari After-school Club’s activities took place in Tapiola Sports Park. The best thing about those premises were the magnificent exercise opportunities both indoors and outdoors, and the club even had weekly skating shifts. Nevertheless, as the indoor facilities were not designed for after-school activities, the transfer to Uusikumpu was a welcome one.

“When I started as Senior Instructor last autumn in the middle of the operational year, the team had not yet established everyday routines. My experience and already proven practices were helpful. Gradually the agreed operating methods started to become routine. It was apparent that the instructor team’s satisfaction increased,” says Joona.

“At Uusikumpu, cooperation with the school is really easy, and the colleagues and facilities are very pleasant. Regardless of having to move to new facilities, the operation started better than in any previous autumn. The best thing is when I come to work, and a happy child runs up to hug me”, Joona continues.

When Joona’s employment relationship at Pilke began, he noted that his new employer had taken care of the things he finds important. He had found a job he could commit to and an opportunity to focus on his own area of expertise.

Joona states he has enjoyed every aspect of working at Pilke: “Employees are looked after. We are provided with sufficient support and instructions, and our assignments are clear. Here children are truly cared about. We can for example acquire new equipment for the club-goers at our own discretion.”

In addition to his tasks as Senior Instructor, Joona started to lead three hobby clubs for the club-goers over the course of his first year at Pilke. The foam sword fencing club, that took place last spring, was surely the most special one. Joona’s other hobby clubs have focused on traditional games and scout adventures.

Combining two jobs has not caused any problems, and Joona has received positive feedback from the daycare centre like he has from the after-school club.

“Daycare is a whole another world, and the work at the centre is very different. The total number of children I work with at the daycare and the after-school club is quite high. It’s important to try to learn everyone’s names and to familiarise with every personality. Pilke provides proper induction and support for new employees. Employees are really cared about.”


Pilke has various vacancies at daycare centres, after-school clubs and childcare services around Finland on a constant basis.

Even if you cannot find a position that matches your expertise among our vacancies, we will gladly hear from you.

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