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Everyday life is lived in kindergartens, preschools and ip clubs.
We make a good day for more than 10,000 children every day.
We employ over two thousand good day workers.

Pilke Daycare Centres is a growing company that provides versatile services to Finnish families. We strive to provide children with a good day, every day.

We partner with Finnish municipalities in early childhood education and families’ home services, family work and intensified family work. In addition, we serve family-friendly companies that provide childcare services as employee benefits. We fulfil families’ needs to enable a balanced everyday life to children and adults.

What are the ingredients of a child’s good day?

Many tasty sandwiches.

Sweet daydreams – as long as the sleep lasts.

Plenty of outdoor activities, come rain or shine.

An endless amount of play.

A mountain of lost mittens and odd socks…
… a million happy hugs!


= 365 good days a year

We provide children with a good day, every day

At Pilke’s heart are its good day makers – over 2,500 professionals in early childhood education, childcare, social and healthcare as well as other fields that support our work. Their aim is to provide children with a good day, every day. At Pilke, we know that the setting for a good day is created by providing children with opportunities to learn, explore, ask questions, play and grow in the presence of safe and reliable adults.


We support the children’s good days with active attendance, professional skill, pedagogical competence, adaptive learning environments, an encouraging and motivational atmosphere and by ensuring that everyone can participate

Lue tästä lisää, millainen Pilke on työnantajana.

Net sales in 2020 were EUR 87 million.
We have over 20 years of experience in daycare and afternoon club activities, childcare and family services.
Certified quality and environmental work in kindergartens, preschools and afternoon clubs

Pilke: extensive expertise in a single company

Pilke is a growing company whose operations span across Finland. Our services include early childhood and pre-school education, after-school club activities as well as childcare and social welfare services for families.Pilke Daycare Centres was established in 2012 through the merger of two longstanding private daycare companies Kissankulman Muksut and Parasta pienelle. In the past few years, other significant milestones in the Pilke story include the extension of activities to childcare services and social services’ open care functions. Pilke keeps on growing while maintaining its earlier operations.

The turnover of Pilke kindergartens in 2020 was approximately EUR 87 million, and it employs more than 2,500 people in Finland. In the summer of 2020, the main owner of Pilkke became the Norwegian family business of early childhood education, Dibber, read more here.

Pilke daycare centres and pre-schools

Pilke provides innovative early childhood education services in 180 private daycare centres and pre-schools around Finland. Our early childhood education and pre-school instruction are highly versatile, and we provide the opportunity to choose from various learning orientations. Pilke units’ orientations include languages, science, nature, sports, music as well as art and expression. Our activities comply with the same objectives, quality standards and educational requirements as those of municipal daycares and pre-schools. 

Read more about the pedagogy and early childhood education at Pilke’s daycare centres and pre-schools. You will also find tips for families whose child starts at daycare.

Pilke after-school clubs

Our after-school clubs are aimed at young school children, usually first and second graders. The after-school clubs are typically organised in the school premises so that the children can attend the club right after the school day. Our after-school clubs provide children’s days with balance and stability, realising their right to free-time, rest, play and care. Pilke has after-school clubs in 29 schools in Espoo, Vantaa, Pori, Hämeenkyrö, Helsinki, Kirkkonummi and Porvoo.

Read more!

Pilke childcare services

Pilke’s childcare services balance the everyday needs of both children and adults. Our competent childcarers are reliable and safe adults. With them, children always have an opportunity for a good day. Companies offer our childcare services as employee benefits, and families can order childcare assistance from us.

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Pilke family services

Pilke’s family services increase the wellbeing of families and facilitate their daily lives in various life situations – even the most challenging ones. Our family services collaborate closely with municipal social services’ open care functions: home services for families, family work and intensified family work. Pilke’s reliable and experienced family workers facilitate changes to everyday life, enable small wonders and provide flickers of light to our client families.

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This is Pilke: our values, quality work, responsibility and constant development

Versatile, innovative, active, warm-hearted… We take care of children with a twinkle in the eye. We are not only an everyday estrade of family life but also a quality-conscious and responsible actor that reforms and develops the early education sector.

Our values can be seen, heard and experienced as part of our good everyday life

Pilke’s values explain how we perform our work and for whom. We implement our values through everyday activities while playing, learning, dressing waterproof dungarees, searching for lost mittens or giving a warm hug. Our values are safety, tolerance, positive attitude, participation and innovativeness – read more about our values..

Our work environment and activities turn high-quality into reality every day

In addition to our values, our work is guided by the aspiration to provide high-quality services. Pilke has been a quality-certified company since 2017, and our operation is audited accordingly by an external party on an annual basis. Pilke’s quality management system and quality certificate address the quality of service provision at our daycare centres, pre-schools and after-school clubs. In 2021, Pilke was also awarded an environmental certificate. Read more about Pilke’s quality assurance here.

Responsibility as an integral part of all operation

Pilke’s services are primarily funded by tax resources. Thus, we are responsible for ensuring that the municipalities purchasing our services and the families using them are comprehensively satisfied with the services, our operation and communication. We aim to increase our corporate responsibility as we strive to build a world that supports the learning and growth of children. Read more about responsibility as part of Pilke’s everyday operation.

We reform and innovate to drive progress

We are driven by the aspiration to reform early childhood and pre-primary education, after-school activities, childcare and family services. We engage in the reform work through various everyday innovations, such as flexible one-stop shopping bag services or a variety of new childcare services designed to support remote work. 

We open new daycare centres around Finland on a continuous basis. Here you can read more about Pilke units to be opened soon.
Furthermore, we have reformed the construction of daycare centre buildings through our 10 log-built units around Finland. Our log-built daycare centres are a response to the growing need for daycare facilities with clean indoor air. At our log-built daycare centres, children can enjoy fresh indoor air, good acoustics and the calm, peaceful atmosphere of solid wood elements. Read more about our log-built daycare centres!

Pilke is part of the international Dibber Group


Pilke is owned by Dibber ,an international family business specialised in early childhood education and care services.

“Dibber and Pilke share Nordic ideas of early childhood education and pedagogy as well as common values that cherish high-quality early childhood education and the child’s interests.”

  • Dibber was established by early childhood education teachers Randi and Hans-Jacob Sundby, a married couple. The first Dibber daycare centre opened in Norway in 2003.
  • In Norway, Dibber operates under the trade name Läringsverkstedet. The company acquired Pilke Daycare Centres in 2020. 
  • In Finland, the parent company’s official trade name is Dibber Early Education Finland Oy. 
  • Dibber employs more than 9,000 people around the world and provides early childhood education and care to over 40,000 children. 
  • The company operates in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Germany, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Hong Kong. 
  • In 2020, the revenue of the entire Dibber Group was EUR 500 M.