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Pilke Taikavuori

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Manager Janaina Bittencourt
tel. 040 4559 706


Alppikatu 22-24

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Pilke Taikavuori

Taikavuori is a small and warm-hearted language orientated kindergarten with 39 places, located in Kallio. Early childhood education is carried out English, so here children are able to learn and maintain their English language skills.

In Taikavuori children are exploring, wondering, having fun and learning in a linguistically and culturally diverse environment. The central location offers opportunities to explore the nearby surroundings. Trips to parks, library, museums and other cultural destinations are an important part of early childhood education in Taikavuori.   



All units producing early childhood education services are approved by the municipality/city and our operations are supervised regularly. We follow the law of early childhood education and the nationwide early childhood education plan.


Rainbows tel. 0404566032
Sunshines tel. 0404570619
Little Stars tel. 0404566508


After deducting the private day care allowance, the customer fee is 360€/month. 50% sibling discount for the second child.

We also offer 4 hours of early childhood education free of charge for children aged 5. Ask the day care manager about it.


Fill in the Pilke Daycare application.


Mon—Fri 7—17(7am—5pm) (as necessary)


How are the daycare centres open in the summer?

The daycare centres are open as usual in June and in August. July is the holiday season, but daycare is provided when necessary. Ask the manager of the daycare centre for details on July opening hours.

Must the children take a nap in the daycare centre?

Sleeping is not obligatory, but everybody must rest after lunch and listen to the stories or peaceful music.

How do the daycare centre and parents keep contact with each other?

Before the daycare begins, the parents and the staff will arrange to meet. Everyday meetings in connection with bringing and collecting the child are an important part of catching up with the child's news. Other forms of contact are phones, text messages and emails. All daycare centres also have notice boards which are worth checking. The daycare centres also arrange regular parents' evenings and other events, not to forget the annual early childhood education talks.

What does the language immersion mean?

Pilke language-immersion daycare centres provide an early total immersion (varhainen täydellinen kielikylpy/språkbad). The immersion starts at the age of 3—5 years. The language immersion is meant for children whose mother tongue is other than the immersion language. In the language immersion children adopt the new language in a safe environment while playing, singing, chanting nursery rhymes, theme working and doing everyday chores. The educators speak consistently only the immersion language to the children, but they do understand also their mother tongue. Communication is supported by body language, facial expressions, gestures, intonation, pictures and so on. The children may use their mother tongue but they are encouraged to use more and more of the immersion language. The parents don't need to understand the immersion language since parents' duty is to strengthen the development of their child's mother tongue. Everyday routines in a language-immersion daycare centre are very similar to those in a Finnish-language daycare centre. The day consists of playtimes, outdoor activities, mealtimes, circle times and other guided activities. Routines are very important for language immersion, they create safety and help the child to guess and to deduce the contents of the message. The goal of the language-immersion is functional bilingualism. The child learns to manage in the immersion language in the daycare centre, school and everyday situations. Language immersion also prepares the child for learning other languages.

What does a language shower mean?

A language shower is a lighter version of language immersion. In language showering the language is learnt in addition to everyday tasks especially by songs, games, rhymes and everyday phrases. The language showering group can include children with English/Finnish as their mother tongue or children who are already bilingual.

What does outsourced daycare mean?

Outsourcing means that the municipality purchases the production of the daycare service from a private service provider for a certain length of time. The service providers are chosen by competitive bidding organized by the municipality at certain intervals. The municipality provides the daycare premises for the service provider. The municipality chooses the children on the basis of the applications and the families pay the municipal daycare fee. The selected service provider employs the staff and provides the daycare service according to the contract with the municipality. The municipality monitors the daycare services regularly.

A Typical Day

  • 7:00The doors of the daycare centre open. Welcome! We begin the day hugging and holding the children on our laps and chatting softly. Then little by little the children move on to play.
    8:00-8:30It's breakfast time.
    8:30-Pre-primary education classes begin
    9:00–10:00Guided activities in groups according to the themes
    10:00–11:00Outdoor activities
    n. 11:15Lunch
    After lunch it's nap time. The smaller children sleep and the bigger ones rest and listen to fairy tales. After resting it's time for quiet play and other activities before the snack.
    12:30Pre-primary education classes finish.
    14:30Playing with friends.
    about 15:30We go outdoors little by little.
    17:00The doors of the daycare centre close and we say bye-bye, see you tomorrow.
    The daily routines at the daycare centre always depend on the size of the unit and its goals, so this timetable is just a general guideline. The actual timetable for a typical day can be seen on each group's notice board.


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