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Early childhood education in Swedish

Pilke Daycare Centres has five Swedish-speaking units. Depending on the unit, we offer fully Swedish-speaking or extensive bilingual early childhood education also known as language immersion.

Swedish is the only language at our Swedish-speaking daycare centres, whereas in language immersion, the children may use their native language while being encouraged to gradually start using Swedish.

Daily activities at the daycare centres include exercise, handicraft, music moments, outdoor activities, trips in the close surroundings and, of course, sufficient rest. Each Pilke daycare unit complies with the Finnish Act on Early Childhood Education and Care (540/2018), and their operation is guided by the National Core Curriculum for Early Childhood Education and Care.

Swedish-speaking daycare or language immersion?

At Pilke’s Swedish-speaking units, the children speak only Swedish with our competent and encouraging personnel. The growth and development of the children form the cornerstones of all activities. Our objective is to provide the children with a safe and warm-spirited environment for learning a new language. We welcome every child to learn Swedish regardless of the child’s or their guardians’ language skills or linguistic backgrounds.

Swedish-speaking language immersion is started at the age of 3–5 years. We take account of each child’s capacities and ensure that they are always understood. Language immersion is intended for children whose native language is not Swedish. In language immersion, children adopt the new language in a safe environment through play, singing and rhymes as well as theme-based and everyday activities. Our educators consistently speak only Swedish to the children, although they understand the children’s native language as well. We facilitate communication with body language, facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice, pictures etc. The children are allowed to use their native language, but we encourage them to gradually start using Swedish.

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