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Science orientation at Pilke

At Pilke’s science daycare centres, children wonder and explore phenomena that interest them in small groups with friends and early childhood educators. The science activities are planned taking note of the children’s ages, interests and safe courses of action.

The focus is on joint exploration of phenomena chosen on the basis of the children’s ideas and interests. Depending on the children’s ages, the activities may involve examining the states of water or the solar system, admiring rainbows or building three-dimensional objects. Children are naturally interested in exploring the phenomena surrounding them. Through exploration, they learn new things and receive experiences of success. The daycare centres’ play facilities are designed in a way that motivates and encourages exploration, learning and experimentation.

Naturally, time is reserved also for other versatile activities, such as singing, drama, handicraft and painting, not to forget sufficient daily rest.

Why choose a science-oriented daycare centre?

Exploration and the use of senses are natural activities for children right from the moment of birth. The science-orientation is implemented through comprehensive exploration of the children’s close surroundings and learning of new things. At Pilke’s daycare units, science education is part of extensive learning activities that develop the skills of thinking, expression, interaction, multiliteracy, participation and influencing.

Play, creativity and exercise support the development of children’s scientific thinking which involves making questions, expressing opinions, comparing things, experimentation and thinking critically. At a science-oriented daycare centre, children learn to discover and explore through play and other activities and receive experiences of success.

Science is part of all everyday actions: for the younger children, it involves exploration and discovery through the use of senses (touch, hearing, sight, smell, taste), whereas older children are encouraged to discuss interesting phenomena, deduce and solve problems as well as to experiment and learn through hands-on activities.

The learning environments of our science daycare centres encourage and inspire children to explore and experiment. They have access to rooms equipped with equipment suitable for exploration such as loupes, magnifying glasses, pipettes, microscopes and light pads. The daycare centre yard, close surroundings and various trip destinations are excellent sites for discoveries.

Science-oriented daycare centers on the map

      “When our daughter gets home from daycare, she excitedly tells us what she learned that day. For example, she knows how space operates and that the Earth revolves around the sun and not vice versa. This is fascinating for the entire family, and it inspires us to discuss scientific themes at home as well.”