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Pilke Daycare Centres’ learning orientations

The early childhood education at Pilke emphasises different learning areas depending on the unit. Our units’ orientations include languages, science, nature, sports, music as well as art and expression.

Pilke specialises in the provision of versatile early childhood education and care. Our education offers the opportunity to emphasise certain learning areas to support children’s strengths and interests. Each unit’s orientation is recorded in the unit’s early childhood education and care curriculum, and it is implemented in various ways in the daycare centre’s everyday operation. The purpose of emphasising different learning areas is to arouse the children’s natural interest in learning and new experiences.

Daycare operation naturally involves also other versatile activities, such as singing, handicraft, painting and outdoor activities, not to forget sufficient daily rest. Everyday pedagogy is part of every moment of our daycare centres’ operation. It is present in pausing to wonder things together; counting peas in the salad bowl or experimenting with colours when painting. We value each unhurried moment we get to spend with the children playing, conversating or exploring the world together. Our objective is to provide them with a safe environment where a warm hug is always available and there is plenty of time for play. They steadily grow into independent individuals who can rely on their skills and dare to dream.

Each Pilke daycare unit complies with the Finnish Act on Early Childhood Education and Care (540/2018), and their operation is guided by the National Core Curriculum for Early Childhood Education and Care. A child who is happy to attend daycare is the best feedback for Pilke personnel – the children’s happiness shows the quality and value of our work.



Pilke daycare centres provide versatile bilingual early childhood education and care. We have fully English-speaking playschools, units that provide extensive bilingual early childhood education and units for language-enriched education. The aim is to arouse children’s linguistic curiosity and willingness to explore languages by acting in a multilingual environment.

English-oriented daycare centers


Pilke has both fully Swedish-speaking daycare centres as well as units for extensive bilingual early childhood education, or so-called language immersion units. Children adopt the new language in a safe environment through play, singing and rhymes as well as theme-based and everyday activities.

Swedish-oriented daycare centers


The objective of our sports-oriented units is to help the children find the joy of exercise and adopt a sporty lifestyle. The children regularly participate in instructed, goal-oriented exercise, and the development of their motor skills is supported extensively.

Sports-oriented daycare centres


The primary purpose of music-oriented early education is to arouse children’s interest in music. Through music, children can express themselves, deepen their emotional life and enrich their imagination. The essential building blocks of our music-oriented education include songs, singing games, rhymes, playing instruments, musical movement and music listening activities.

Music-oriented daycare centres


At a nature-oriented daycare centre, children learn a positive attitude towards nature and outdoor activities and adopt a sustainable lifestyle. The operation of our nature-oriented daycare units places emphasis on wondering and exploring various natural phenomena, making regular trips and organising outdoor activities in nature. In addition, Pilke has three At Home in Nature daycare centres in which outdoor life is the cornerstone of early childhood education. The activities of these units include, for example, occasional naps in lean-tos.

Nature-oriented daycare centres


Pilke’s science-oriented daycare units focus on providing children with opportunities to explore and wonder the natural phenomena that arouse their interest. Depending on the children’s ages, the activities may involve studying space or the states of water, admiring rainbows or building three-dimensional objects. The exploration of phenomena is an educational form of play that provides children with experiences of success.

Science-oriented daycare centres

Art and expression

The purpose of the art and expression-orientation is to foster children’s creativity, curiosity and experimental attitude. Children learn new things about themselves through various forms of expression that deepen their emotional life and enrich their imagination. Visual arts give form and colour to their ideas and emotions.

Art and expression-oriented daycare centres