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A work community of good day makers

At the heart of Pilke’s early childhood education, childcare and after-school activities are the company’s good day makers – more than 2,000 ECEC and childcare professionals. Their goal is to ensure that children have a good day, every day. And we take care of our employees!

In pursuit of the best way to support growth and learning, we build our work community through an active approach, professional skill, pedagogical competence, guaranteed participation of children, adaptable learning environments and an encouraging, motivational atmosphere.


Pilke as an employer

We value our competent early childhood educators, after-school club instructors and childcare professionals and strive for being an excellent employer. In addition to our values, the activities of our work community are driven by a strong sense of quality, togetherness and encouragement.


Pilke’s good day makers ensure high-quality early childhood education – every day. An active adult is capable and inclined to encounter each child paying careful attention to their needs, honouring the family’s wishes and bringing the child up cooperatively. They endeavour to provide the child with a good environment to learn, wonder, ask questions, play and grow. For us, quality also stands for a safe employment relationship: our employees can count on us to act in compliance with the law. Read more about occupational well-being and quality at Pilke.


Pilke employees have the opportunity to influence their work and the unit’s activities. We develop our operation together, and no one is left alone with their responsible and demanding duties. Pilke fosters an open, tolerant atmosphere and a work culture based on sparring. We constantly endeavour to improve our working conditions with innovative solutions such as relocation allowance.


We cherish solution-centred working methods. Pilke encourages its employees to make use of their strengths and complete further studies – we also grant graduation bonuses. We provide feedback and reward good work every day.

In addition, we find it important to enable our employees to develop their personal career paths. Pilke’s employees can creatively build their dream careers and develop themselves through work guidance, for example. We enable swift career progression for employees who want it. Read career stories at our daycare centres, after-school clubs and childcare services.

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Pilke’s values convey the significance of our work

Pilke’s values explain how we perform our work and for whom. We implement our values through everyday activities while playing, learning, dressing waterproof dungarees, searching for lost mittens or giving a warm hug.

“Listening to an adult.” Nuutti, 6 years
Safety consists of the physical, psychological and social learning and working environments. These environments cover the inspected and supervised daycare centre premises and materials, common rules and the educators’ genuine interaction and attendance

“Insect.” Luka, 6 years
The educator’s role is to listen, give time and encourage. Our humorous atmosphere ensures that every day is a good day for the children. We cherish solution-centred working methods and see challenges as opportunities.

“That you know things.” Ella, 6 years
Each child is considered an active individual and learner. The experience of participation and the opportunity to influence one’s surroundings help both children and adults commit themselves to the daycare centre’s everyday activities.

“That you get excited about a surprise.” Scarlett, 6 years
The inspiration and courage to try and do things in a new way are great sources of innovation. The assessment and development of operating methods is part of our work culture.

Pilke offers a diverse range of positions for early childhood education and childcare professionals at daycare centres, pre-schools, after-school clubs and childcare services.

Pilke’s early childhood education and pre-school instruction are highly versatile, and we provide the opportunity to choose from various learning orientations. Our activities comply with the same objectives, quality standards and educational requirements as municipal daycares and pre-schools.
Our after-school clubs are aimed at young school children, usually first and second graders. The after-school clubs are typically organised in the school premises so that the children can attend the club right after the school day.
Pilke’s childcare services balance the daily family life with the help of reliable and safe adults. Companies offer our childcare services as employee benefits, municipalities use our services to provide home services and families can order childcare assistance from us.


Pilke has various vacancies at daycare centres, after-school clubs and childcare services around Finland on a constant basis.

Even if you cannot currently find a position that matches your expertise, we will gladly hear from you

Ask for further information!

We will be happy to tell you more about our operating methods and employment at Pilke. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will gladly get to know you!

Chief of staff Elina Koivu

You can also contact the Pilke daycare centre managers of your area, the regional coordinators of after-school clubs or our childcare customer service.

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