Pilke Nappula

Joy, care and friendship!

Pilke Nappula

Joy, care and friendship!

Opening hours

Mon–Fri 6:30–17 (as necessary)


  • Big ones: tel. 040 450 6365
  • Seikkailijat tel. 040 450 6367
  • Temppuilijat
  • Small ones:
  • Taapertajat
  • Vipeltäjät


The client fee is equal to that of municipal early childhood education and care.

Pilke Nappula is surrounded by nature in Kankunharju, Varkaus

Daycare centre Pilke Nappula is located in Kankunharju, Varkaus. There is a swimming beach close to the daycare centre, and Kankunharju’s beautiful natural environment provides excellent opportunities for trips to nature trails. Daycare centre Nappula offers both part-time and full-time early childhood education and care.

At Nappula, each child has the right to live in the world of children and to be seen and heard as a unique individuals. The warm, safe hug of an adult is always available when needed. Our objective is to provide the children with a good early childhood in cooperation with their parents. Our activities emphasise joy, care and friendship.

At Nappula, we value our cooperation with the children’s families. The objective is to secure the children’s well-being and to support their growth and development jointly with the parents. The cooperation between the daycare centre and the families is also an important factor in the creation of a feeling of communality. We implement the cooperation through discussions, evening events, celebrations and trips.

Pilke Nappula - Location

Savontie 76, 78300 Varkaus

Contact us

Contact information

Manager Harri Huusari
Tel. 040 741 2422

Daycare tel. 040 458 9022

Savontie 76
78300 Varkaus

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