Pilke Satakieli

Playing and discovering!

Pilke Satakieli

Playing and discovering!

Opening hours

Mon–Fri 6–18 (as necessary)


The client fee is equal to that of municipal early childhood education and care.

Pilke Satakieli opened in Perno in August 2020

Satakieli provides high-quality child-centred early childhood education and care for children aged 0–5 years at a warm-spirited daycare centre. The daycare centre also organises activities instructed in English. Our language-enriched education is implemented through songs, rhymes and daily phrases. Language-enriched activities are an easy way for a child to familiarise themselves with a language in a gradual manner.

In the implementation of early childhood education and care, we emphasise the importance of play, participation and discovery in warm-spirited interaction with our educators. In addition to musical and expressive pedagogy, the days of small children involve versatile activities in the new daycare centre’s indoor and outdoor facilities and on trips in compliance with the early childhood education and care curriculum.

Pilke Satakieli - Location

Ruotsinsalmenkatu 6, 20240 Turku

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Contact information

Manager Hannamari Kemppainen
Tel. 040 619 5153

Ruotsinsalmenkatu 6,
20240 Turku

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