Pilke Tähtimetsä

Learning English is fun!

Pilke Tähtimetsä

Learning English is fun!

Opening hours

Mon–Fri 7–17 (as necessary)


  • Hattarapilvet (1-3y.) puh. 040 456 6115
  • Pyrstötähdet (2-3y.) puh. 040 905 2915
  • Auringonsäteet (4-5y.) puh. 040 905 2916
  • Puolikuut (5y.-preschool) puh. 040 456 6116


The client fee is equal to that of municipal early childhood education and care.


Pilke Tähtimetsä is a service voucher daycare centre. Apply for a service voucher on the website of the City of Turku.

You can apply for Tähtimetsä also with Kela’s private daycare allowance. Please fill Pilke’s daycare application form.

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Pilke Tähtimetsä provides language-enriched early childhood education in Hirvensalo, Turku

Pilke Tähtimetsä is located on Tammistontie Street in Haarla, Hirvensalo, close to the Haarla School. The daycare centre has 73 places for children aged 1–6 years, and we also provide pre-primary education. At Tähtimetsä, children experience the joy of play in bright, functional and safe premises – both indoors and outdoors. Tähtimetsä provides language-enriched early education in English, and the children get to practise familiar songs, rhymes and concepts in English through common singing and pondering activities.

The days at Tähtimetsä involve versatile activities such as play, singing, exercise and handicraft. We allow the children to develop self-initiative individually and to be part of the group as active individuals. Each child group has separate group premises, and we have a common gym for all groups. Our premises enable the organisation of important small group activities. At Tähtimetsä, cooperation with the parents plays an important role, and we have an active parents’ committee.

Pilke Tähtimetsä - Location

Isohaarlantie 1, 20900 TURKU

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Contact information

I will be happy to answer any questions regarding our day-care centre; introduction visits, availability, applications, customer agreements and their amendments, invoicing, customer feedback, and so on.

Manager Annette Palanen
Tel. 040 455 9712


Isohaarlantie 1
20900 TURKU

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Fill Pilke’s daycare application form.

Apply for daycare on the website of the City of Turku.

Fill Pilke’s daycare application form

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