Pilke Nallentupa

Creative and joyful learning!

Pilke Nallentupa

Creative and joyful learning!

Opening hours

Mon–Fri 6.30-17 (as necessary)


  • Hunajatassut (1-5y.) tel. 040 551 4825
  • Mesikämmenet (5-6y. and Preschool) tel. 040 763 4994


The client fee is equal to that of municipal early childhood education and care.

The daycare centre participates in the City of Espoo’s trial in which 20 weekly hours of early childhood education and care are offered for five-year-olds free of charge. Please inquire for further details from the daycare centre manager.


Nallentupa is an outsourced daycare centre of the City of Espoo. Apply for a place in early childhood education and care on the City of Espoo’s website.

Pilke Nallentupa is a peaceful and homelike daycare centre in Niipperi, Espoo

Pilke Nallentupa is located in a peaceful residential area in the Espoo district of Niipperi. We provide high-quality early childhood education and care at a homelike daycare centre, providing children with opportunities to learn and wonder fascinating things open-mindedly. The sand pitch next to the daycare centre enables versatile exercise, and we make weekly trips to the nearby parks and forest.

The day at Nallentupa is full of activities planned on the basis of the children’s wishes. We reserve plenty of time for play every day, and a warm hug is always available to the children.

We have two groups for children aged 1–5 years and we also provide pre-primary education. Our operation is based on small group activities, and we make versatile use of all the daycare centre facilities, including the yard.

Pilke Nallentupa - Location

Niipperintie 33, 02920 ESPOO

Contact us

Contact information


Emilia Kotonen

Tel. 050 9194 992


Niipperintie 33
02920 ESPOO

Apply for Pilke Nallentupa

Apply from the City of Espoo website

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