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Sports-oriented daycare centre Pilke Voltti

Sports and learning are fun!


Notkeat naperot (under 3y.)
tel. 040 661 8433

Juniorijumpparit (over 3y.)
tel. 040 661 7097

tel. 040 661 8467


Fee is 300 €/month.

Opening hours

Mon–Fri 6.30 – 17.30 (as necessary).


If you wish your child to receive a place in early childhood education and care at Pilke Voltti, please fill Pilke’s daycare application form.


Sports-oriented daycare centre Pilke Voltti operates close to an excellent outdoor environment in Mäntsälä

Pilke’s sports-oriented daycare centre Voltti is located in a peaceful area in Mäntsälä, surrounded by nature and a good outdoor environment. Voltti operates in new, spacious and bright premises that have plenty of room for play and exercise. Voltti started its sports-oriented daycare operation in August 2013. We also provide pre-primary education.

Our operation is based on the children’s desire to exercise, explore, play and learn. Our objective is to create a warm, safe and unhurried atmosphere where the children can grow and develop as individuals and members of a social group in accordance with their skills and capacities. The daycare centre’s sports-orientation is implemented through everyday activities, and we connect exercise to all forms of learning. In addition, we naturally reserve time for other versatile activities, such as singing, drama, handicraft and painting, not to forget sufficient daily rest.

Pilke Daycare Centres’ units are staffed with competent, educated personnel. They work in teams which consist of an early childhood teacher and two childcarers. Our operation is based on small groups which enable the provision of personalised and flexible daycare. Our objective is to provide meaningful early childhood education and care which includes sufficient and balanced amounts of instructed activities, play, exercise and rest. We engage in active cooperation with the children’s parents. The goal of the cooperation is to secure the continuity of education between home and daycare to foster the children’s growth, development and learning.




Contact information

Mira Nurmi Voltti


Mira Nurmi

Tel. 050 365 65 31

Liedontie 16
04600 Mäntsälä

Apply for Pilke Voltti

Fill Pilke’s daycare application form

Frequently asked questions

According to the children under our care:

It is when you get hugs and play with your friends.

It is when you're on a trip or doing something exciting.

It is when you get to sleep a good nap.

It is when you can be yourself.

It is when someone comforts you when you feel bad.

It's when you learn some new play that you can play at home with your family.

The most important goal of Pilke playschools is: to provide the child with a good day to learn - every day.

The playschool is opened as usual in June and in August. July is the holiday season, but care is provided when necessary. Ask the manager of the playschool for details on July opening hours.

Sleeping is not obligatory, but we encourage everybody to rest after lunch and listen to the stories or peaceful music.

Before the start of early childhood education, a common meeting will be arranged to discuss the service contract and the start of early childhood education. Everydayfeedback when dropping off and picking up the child are an important part of catching up and discuss the child’s progress and any concern the guardians may have. Other forms of contact are phones, text messages and emails. All playschools also have notice boards which are worth checking. The playschools also arrange regular parents' evenings and other events, not to forget the annual early childhood education conferences (known as “vasu”).

In Pilke playschools, the breakfast and snack menu has been designed by a nutritionist, which meets the new 2018 early childhood education recommendation. The list includes a versatile selection of Finnish berries, root vegetables and vegetables and whole grain products. We make a conscious effort to cut off sugar-impregnated yoghurts, quarks and sausages. The amount of additives has also been reduced. A warm lunch is provided by our external partner. We also consider special diets. Ask more details from our early childhood educators. For children under 12 months of age, we provide infant formula if needed.

A Typical Day

The daily routines at the daycare center always depend on the size of the unit and its goals, so this timetable is just a general guideline. The actual timetable for a typical day can be seen on each group's notice board.

7:30 Welcome! Playschool doors open. We start our day playing and having fun with friends.
7:45-8:15 Breakfast time (Served until 8:00)
9:00-10:30 Outdoor play and exploration
10:30 Morning circle - songs, stories and discussion
10:45–12:00 Centre time (inside or outside) – this can be art and crafts, music, drama, science, language, sport…
12:00 Lunch, healthy habits and good manners
After lunch time, the children are read a story and have a relaxation time with music or stories.
13:30 For children who are not sleeping, quiet focused activity with their early childhood educator.
14:00 Wake up time and free play
14:30 Afternoon snack
15:00 Story time
15:30–17:15 Outdoor play and exploration
17:30 Playschool closes and we say “see you tomorrow!”