Pilke Tasku

An unhurried, cheerful atmosphere and plenty of outdoor activities!

Pilke Tasku

An unhurried, cheerful atmosphere and plenty of outdoor activities!

Opening hours

Mon–Fri 7–17 (as necessary)


  • Pensastaskut (2-4y) tel. 040 458 9381
  • Kivitaskut (viskarit and preschool) tel. 040 458 9380


The client fee as its highest is  334 €/month. Service voucher and daycare hours may affect to the fee.


Pilke Tasku is a private service voucher daycare centre. Apply for a service voucher on the website of the City of Oulu. Please fill Pilke’s daycare application form.

Nature-oriented daycare centre Pilke Tasku provides high-quality early childhood education and care in Hintta, Oulu

Tasku is a nature-oriented daycare centre in the Oulu district of Hintta. Tasku has a long tradition in early education as it has operated already since 1998. We provide high-quality early childhood education and care and pre-primary education for children below school age. The daycare centre has two child groups for a total of 28 children. In the small daycare centre, siblings have the opportunity to play and spend time together.

Tasku is a nature-oriented daycare centre, and we comply with the principles of the Reggio Emilia pedagogy. The atmosphere at Tasku is unhurried, cheerful and respectful towards children. The Hovisuo sports grounds located next to the daycare centre provide excellent opportunities for various outdoor and winter activities. 

We spend plenty of time outdoors and both of our groups make trips at least once a week. We implement the Finnish Outdoor Association’s Metsämörri (Forest Troll) activities, and Tasku has been awarded with the Metsämörri quality label. We make a troll trip to the nearby forest once a week. A large part of the learning activities of the group of 5–6-year-olds takes place outdoors and in nature. Functional learning in an outdoor environment is fun, and it provides the children with positive experiences and plenty of exercise. Our outdoor and nature activities implement the learning and experience content areas specified in the National Core Curricula for Early Childhood Education and Pre-primary Education in a versatile manner.

Pilke Tasku - Location

Hintankuja 2 B, 90650 Oulu

Contact us

Contact information


Anna Komu

Tel. 040 458 9316

Hintankuja 2 B
90650 Oulu

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