Pilke Pikkukiulu

Sustainable development and the joy of exercise!

Pilke Pikkukiulu

Sustainable development and the joy of exercise!

Opening hours

Mon–Fri 7–17 (as necessary)


  • Tuohiset (1-2y.) tel. 050 597 8796
  • Vihtaset (2-3y.) tel. 040 450 6407
  • Löylyset (4-5y.) tel. 040 450 6406
  • Kiuluset (preschool) tel. 050 575 9916


The client fee as its highest is 341 €/month. Service voucher and daycare hours may affect to the fee.

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Pilke Pikkukiulu provides nature and sports-oriented early childhood education and care in Kiulunkangas, Oulu

Pikkukiulu is a nature and sports-oriented daycare centre in the pleasant Kiulunkangas district of Oulu. Pikkukiulu started its operation in August 2015. We provide high-quality early childhood education and care and pre-primary education for children below school age. 70 children aged 1–6 years play and grow in Pikkukiulu. The planning of our activities takes account of the fact that children are active and enjoy exercise. Our tremendously spacious premises enable versatile opportunities for exercise. We have a large gym which we also let for sports activities that take place on evenings.

Pikkukiulu is a nature and sports-oriented daycare centre whose everyday operation is characterised by sustainable development and the joy of exercise. We implement the principles of sustainable development through the sorting of waste and favouring environmentally friendly activities, for example. In addition, our support of sustainable development involves Green Flag activities and the Finnish Outdoor Association’s Metsämörri (Forest Troll) activities.

At Pikkukiulu, the joy of exercise can be seen and heard! Our exercise activities are not restricted to instructed gymnastics only, but we practise various sporty activities. The daycare centre has a separate operating plan for physical exercise activities which provide the children with opportunities to try various sports in addition to basic exercise.

Pilke Pikkukiulu - Location

Kiulukankaantie 18, 90630 Oulu

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Pilke Pikkukiulu - Our customer families' experiences

We want to create a good day for the children, every day. In addition to daily meetings and discussions, we investigate the experiences of our customer families annually in an anonymous online survey. We also ask feedback from children.

”Inventiveness, finding new ways of doing things, resolution of issues, looking for the best for the customer are matters of the heart for Pilke and myself”
- Chief Account Manager

Our customers have rated us


Pilke day-care centre customer satisfaction survey, 2022:
“I am satisfied with the early childhood education and care of my child” (on a scale of 1 to 5 where 5 means best).

Contact information

I will be happy to answer any questions regarding our day-care centre; introduction visits, availability, applications, customer agreements and their amendments, invoicing, customer feedback, and so on.

Manager Sanna Ainali
Tel. 050 410 5770sanna.ainali@pilkepaivakodit.fi

Kiulukankaantie 18
90630 Oulu

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