Pilke Matilda

“A young child is an explorer of life.”

Pilke Matilda

“A young child is an explorer of life.”

Opening hours

Mon–Fri 7-17


  • Topaasit (under 3y.) tel. 045 125 9682
  • Rubiinit (2-3y.) tel. 045 125 9689
  • Timantit (4-5y.) tel. 045 125 9684


The client fee is 288 €/month. Service voucher and daycare hours may affect to the fee.


Apply for a service voucher daycare on the website of the Municipality of Nurmijärvi. Please fill Pilke’s daycare application form.

Pilke Matilda

Pilke Matilda is located in the peaceful residential area of Harjuala in the village of Klaukkala, Nurmijärvi. Our close surroundings enable making trips to forests, and there are two playgrounds, a sports field and a sledding hill within a walking distance. 

A young child is an explorer of life. Exploration can take place both indoors and outdoors. Nature is an inexhaustible source of subjects to be studied with all senses, and the changing seasons are filled with topics for the young mind to wonder. Adults’ attitudes affect children’s enthusiasm to explore their surroundings and the various phenomena of life. We encourage the children to think, ponder and solve issues on their own without providing them with ready answers.

For us, it is important to convey an awareness of nature and the environment to the children. We wish to teach the children appreciation of nature and provide them with an example of sustainable development in accordance with the definition of the UN World Commission on Environment and Development: “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” In addition, we develop the children’s senses in a functional, playful manner by making use of their early mathematical skills.

Pilke Matilda - Location

Graniittitie 1, 01840 Klaukkala

Contact us

Contact information

Manger Kaisa Mäki
Tel. 044 493 4591

Graniittitie 1
01840 Klaukkala

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