Peppi & Bobby

Learning English is fun!

Peppi & Bobby

Learning English is fun!

Opening hours

Mon—Fri 6.15am—5.15pm (as necessary)


  • Kissankulma (1-3y.) Language enriching Tel. 040 834 5743
  • Tassula (1-3y.) Language enriching Tel. 040 456 6045
  • Huvikumpu (4-6 y. & preschool) Finnish group Tel. 040 456 6046
  • Noisy village (3-5 y.) English group Tel. 040 456 6047
  • Greendale (3-5 y.) English group Tel. 040 456 6048
  • Busytown (5-6 y.) English group Tel. 040 456 6049


The daycare fee is at its highest the same as in the municipal daycare.


Peppi & Bobby is a private service voucher daycare centre. Apply for the service voucher on the town of Nokia website, and for the daycare place fill in the Pilke Daycare application.

Families from Tampere primarily apply for a service voucher on the City of Tampere website. Fill also the Pilke Daycare application.

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Daisy Family

Daisy is our communication channel for families and day-care centres. For example, we use Daisy to share the news from day-care centres and families use Daisy to book care hours and send notice of absences. Click here to log in to Daisy Family!

Pilke Peppi & Bobby is a billingual daycare centre in Nokia

Peppi & Bobby Daycare Centre  became part of Pilke on August 1, 2016. At the same time, the daycare centre moved from Orelinkatu to their brand new building in Vikkulankatu. The new premises have 120 daycare places for children aged 10 months—6 years. Peppi & Bobby is a bilingual daycare centre with both Finnish and English groups. For children over 3 years old there are three English groups and one Finnish group; both groups for the under 3 years olds are Finnish.

In Peppi & Bobby the educators use a lot of fairy tales and storycrafting which serve to listening to the children and making them participate. Experimenting and doing together create shared positive experiences. Children take an active part in planning the operation and carrying it out. The days in daycare consist of safe routines and repetitive timetable with focus on the child.

Daycare in English

There are three English groups, two for children aged 3—5 years and one for 5—6 year olds with pre-primary education. The everyday routines take place in English, otherwise the things are similar to other daycare centres. Using a foreign language in everyday situations is fun, and small children adopt the second language faster than we can imagine. The children’s own readiness is taken into account and they are always understood.

Peppi & Bobby pre-primary school

In Peppi & Bobby pre-primary school things are learnt through functional methods and projects.

In the English pre-primary school 80 % of the pre-primary teaching takes place in English and 20 % in Finnish. This prepares the child to school in a variety of ways and encourages the use of English even in future.

Peppi & Bobby - Location

Vikkulankatu 6, 37150 Nokia

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Peppi & Bobby - Our customer families' experiences

We want to create a good day for the children, every day. In addition to daily meetings and discussions, we investigate the experiences of our customer families annually in an anonymous online survey. We also ask feedback from children.

”Inventiveness, finding new ways of doing things, resolution of issues, looking for the best for the customer are matters of the heart for Pilke and myself”
- Chief Account Manager

Our customers have rated us


Pilke day-care centre customer satisfaction survey, 2022:
“I am satisfied with the early childhood education and care of my child” (on a scale of 1 to 5 where 5 means best).

Contact information

I will be happy to answer any questions regarding our day-care centre; introduction visits, availability, applications, customer agreements and their amendments, invoicing, customer feedback, and so on.

Manager Alina Laurila
Tel. 050 303 7552

Deputy director Jenni Nikkilä

Vikkulankatu 6
37150 Nokia

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