Tirikan päiväkoti

Learning is fun!

Tirikan päiväkoti

Learning is fun!

Opening hours

Mon–Fri 6-17:30 (as necessary)


  • Hepokatit (under 3y.)
  • Tuhatjalat (under 3y.) puh. 040 087 5594
  • Mehiläiset (over 3y.) puh. 040 087 5647
  • Leppäkertut (over 3y.) puh. 040 087 5622
  • Perhoset (over 3y.)
  • Muurahaiset (over 3y. and preschool) puh. 040 087 5651


The client fee is equal to that of municipal early childhood education and care.

Daycare centre Tirikka provides versatile activities on Armilankatu Street in Lappeenranta

Daycare centre Tirikka is located on Armilankatu Street in Lappeenranta. The children are provided with excellent opportunities for versatile exercise by the neighbouring swimming hall, sports hall and Juvakka sports field, on which a skating course is built each winter. The warm-spirited daycare centre has excellent facilities, six child groups and a spacious gym. Daycare centre Tirikka provides high-quality daycare services and pre-primary education.

The daycare centre’s everyday operation involves versatile activities such as trips, painting, exercise and rest. Everyday pedagogy is also part of every moment of our operation. It is present in pausing to wonder things together; counting peas in the salad bowl or experimenting with colours when painting. We value each unhurried moment we get to spend conversating, playing or just being silly while exploring the world together. We encourage the children to try their best as well as to accept the diversity of people.

In the spring of 2019, Lappeenranta’s local Finnish baseball team Pesäysit organised Finnish baseball lessons for 3–7-year-old children in daycare on Mondays. Please ask for further information from the daycare centre manager.

Tirikan päiväkoti - Location

Armilankatu 33 A, 53100 Lappeenranta

Contact us

Contact information

Manager Susanna Kupias
p. 040 457 7645

Armilankatu 33 A,
53100 Lappeenranta

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