Pilke music-oriented daycare centre Onnimanni

The joy of Music!

Pilke music-oriented daycare centre Onnimanni

The joy of Music!

Opening hours

Mon-Fri 6.30–17 (as necessary)


  • Sointu (under 3y.) tel. 040 186 6380
  • Tahti (under 3y.) tel. 040 458 9402
  • Sävel (over 3y.) tel. 040 458 9401
  • Rytmi (over 3y. and preschool) tel. 040 905 2921


The client fee is equal to that of municipal early childhood education and care. Service voucher and daycare hours may affect to the fee.

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Pilke Onnimanni is a new music-oriented daycare centre in Ahtiala, Lahti

Lahti’s first Pilke daycare centre was opened on 4 January 2016 in the district of Ahtiala. The music-oriented daycare centre Onnimanni has 75 places for children aged 0–6 years. Onnimanni also provides pre-primary education.

Our music education involves musical growth and growth through music by singing, moving, listening, learning rhythms and playing instruments alone and in a group. Each child is provided with opportunities to receive joy and experiences of success through music.

Onnimanni is neighboured by nursing home Vallesmanni. We engage in planned, regular cooperation with the nursing home’s residents taking account of their condition and well-being. We believe that shared outdoor activities and play bring joy to the everyday lives of both the children and the elderly.

In 2018, Pilke Onnimanni was honoured with the title of Finland’s best daycare centre in the series of units with more than 50 early education places, and we achieved an amazing recommendation index reading of 92. The title was awarded as a result of the Suomen Paras Päiväkoti (Finland’s Best Daycare Centre) survey.

Pilke music-oriented daycare centre Onnimanni - Focus

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Pilke music-oriented daycare centre Onnimanni - Location

Vallesmanninkatu 5, 15300 Lahti

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Contact information

I will be happy to answer any questions regarding our day-care centre; introduction visits, availability, applications, customer agreements and their amendments, invoicing, customer feedback, and so on.


Maisa Jokinen

Tel. 040 905 2919

Daycare tel: 040 9052 921

Vallesmanninkatu 5
15300 Lahti

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