Science-oriented daycare centre Pilke Kaste

Science-oriented daycare centre Pilke Kaste

Opening hours

Mon–Fri 6-18 (as necessary)


  • Kastehelmet tel. 040 186 2391
  • Sadepisarat tel. 040 58 62284
  • Lumihiutaleet tel. 040 569 8211
  • Rainbows tel. 044 4935 682


Espoo families are also welcome as customers. The customer fee is the same as in municipal early childhood education for families in Kirkkonummi and Espoo. The payment is affected by the value of the service voucher and the agreed treatment time.

Daisy Family

Daisy is our communication channel for families and day-care centres. For example, we use Daisy to share the news from day-care centres and families use Daisy to book care hours and send notice of absences. Click here to log in to Daisy Family!

Science-oriented daycare centre Pilke Kaste opened in Sundsberg in August 2021

Pilke Kaste provides high-quality child-centred early childhood education and care for children aged 0–5 years in a welcoming log-built daycare centre. We also organise activities instructed in English. The children get to practise familiar songs, rhymes and concepts in English through common singing and pondering activities.

Sensory-friendly log-built daycare centre

Our brand-new log building is a response to the growing need for daycare facilities with clean indoor air. In the ecological log-built daycare centre, children get to enjoy fresh indoor air, good acoustics and the calm, peaceful atmosphere created by solid wood elements. The healthy environment is good for the senses and increases the everyday well-being of both the children and the educators. Read more about Pilke’s log-built daycare centres here.

Homelike daycare centre in Kurkela

Sports-oriented daycare centre Kurkela started its operation in the peaceful Kurkela area in August 2014. Our spacious and bright facilities encourage energetic activities, and there is plenty of space to run and bustle about. We provide high-quality child-centred early childhood and pre-primary education for children aged 0–6 years.

Diverse joy of exercise

Our goal is to help children find the joy of exercise and adopt a sporty lifestyle. The sports-orientation is implemented in the daycare centre’s everyday operation through trips, daily yard games, weekly musical movement activities and instructed exercise. We also provide the children with opportunities to try various sports, such as swimming, junior wrestling and cycling.

Trips to forests and parks

Our daycare centre boasts excellent facilities for outdoor sports. The nearby forest provides an excellent opportunity to organise weekly forest trips for all of our child groups. We also make active use of the public playground across the street.

Science-oriented daycare centre Pilke Kaste - Focus

Read more about Pilke Daycare Centres’ learning orientations

Science-oriented daycare centre Pilke Kaste - Location

Vapaaherrantie 1, 02450 Sundsberg

Get in touch and visit us!

Contact information

I will be happy to answer any questions regarding our day-care centre; introduction visits, availability, applications, customer agreements and their amendments, invoicing, customer feedback, and so on.

Manager Virpi Hiza
p. 040 514 3054

Vapaaherrantie 1
02450 Sundsberg

Apply for Science-oriented daycare centre Pilke Kaste

Day care and escar places for Pilkke’s private early childhood education and / or pre-school education are applied for directly from the kindergarten by filling in the application:

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