ICEC Kauniainen

30 years of experience in early childhood education in English

ICEC Kauniainen

30 years of experience in early childhood education in English

Opening hours

Mon–Fri 6-17 (as necessary)


  • Bunnies under 3y. tel. 040 5727 977
  • Foxes over 3y. tel. 040 1864 064


The maximum customer fee is 338 euros per month. The payment is affected by the value of the service voucher and the agreed care time.

An ICEC English-language daycare center opened in August 2021 in a new building in Kauniainen at Kasavuorentie 6, 02700 Kauniainen

With 30 years of experience, private ICEC daycare centers provide quality early childhood and pre-school education in English. The ICEC daycare centers follows both the Finnish national early childhood education plan and the English EYFS curricula. The daycare center’s activities emphasize children’s creativity, play, multiculturalism, and inclusive learning.

In our ecological log daycare center, children can enjoy the fresh indoor air, good acoustics and a calm and peaceful atmosphere brought by the solid wood structure of the building.

ICEC Kauniainen - Location

Kasavuorentie 6, 02700 Kauniainen

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Welcome to ICEC Kindergarten – Greetings from the Head of Kindergarten.

“I am Mariangela Bizzo and starting from August I will be managing the Pilke ICEC unit in Kauniainen. I hold a master’s degree in education from Italy and I graduated in Finland with a bachelor’s degree in social sciences, specializing in early childhood education. In 2006 I started working in English speaking daycares, which belong nowadays to the Pilke family. I joined Pilke in 2016 and have been enriching my experience as an educator and manager in bilingual units (Finnish-English). 

I believe that as early childhood educators we carry the delicate responsibility of setting children’s first social experiences. Through our example and guidance children learn how to build meaningful and respectful relationships in life. Creating a playful and safe environment, both physical and emotional, builds the basis for successful learning processes. In our new Pilke ICEC unit this will be reinforced by an international atmosphere, where children will learn that difference is a value and a strength. During my years in daycare, I have been teaching children the motto “Everyone is different and special”. I wish this to be the spirit guiding our new unit. Looking forward to meeting you and your children soon!”

Contact information

Manager Mariangela Bizzo
tel. 040 5161 796

Kasavuorentie 6
02700 Kauniainen

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