Pilke Meritähti

Pilke Meritähti

Opening hours

Mon–Fri 7-17 (as necessary)


  • tel. 040 358 4471


Maximum 325 € / month. A service voucher and day care hours may affect the fee.


Apply for daycare on the website of the municipality of Jyväskylä. Please fill also Pilke’s daycare application form.

Homelike daycare centre in Tikka, Kuokkala

Daycare centre Pilke Meritähti is located in Tikka in the Jyväskylä district of Kuokkala. Our small, homelike daycare centre provides high-quality child-centred early childhood and pre-primary education for children aged 0–6 years.

Joy of exercise

Our spacious and bright premises provide a functional setting for explorative indoor play. The daycare centre’s safe yard and surroundings encourage participation in various sports and outdoor adventures. Tikka School located next to the daycare centre enables taking a peek into the school world already during the pre-school year.

Trips on a regular basis

We make regular trips in small groups and with all the daycare centre’s children, exploring nearby forests and the Tikka beach in every season. In addition, we visit the Yrttisuo sports field where the children can try various sports, especially in the winter.

Pilke Meritähti - Location

Toritie 24, 40520 Jyväskylä

Contact us

Contact information

Manager Kaisa Kuronen
Tel. 040 578 3218

Toritie 24
40520 Jyväskylä

Apply for Pilke Meritähti

Fill Pilke’s daycare application form.

Apply for daycare on the website of the municipality of Jyväskylä.


Fill Pilke’s daycare application form

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