Pilke Hilma

Small and cozy daycare centre!

Pilke Hilma

Small and cozy daycare centre!

Opening hours

Mon–Fri 7-17 (as necessary)


  • Tel. 045 123 1992
  • Hattivatit (under 3y.)
  • Nuuskamuikkuset (3-5y.)


Maximum 290 € / month. A service voucher and day care hours may affect the fee.

Pilke Hilma is a small, homelike daycare centre in Järvenpää

Pilke Hilma is a small, welcoming and homelike private daycare centre. At Hilma, siblings have the opportunity to spend time playing together every day. We have 24 daycare places, and we implement small group activities that enable each child to be seen and heard. We are genuinely present in the children’s everyday lives. We plan our activities based on the children’s interests, needs and skills, and we treat the children as active individuals.

Our operation is based on versatile activity weeks: play, music, sports/trip, handicraft and expression weeks. The purpose of the activity weeks is to provide opportunities for persevering project work, to support the children’s comprehensive growth, development and learning as well as participation.

Pilke Hilma - Location

Kinnarinkatu 1, 04430 Järvenpää

Contact us

Contact information


Noora Voutilainen

Tel. 040 4566 056

Kinnarinkatu 1
04430 Järvenpää

Administrative Manager
Mari Sissala
Tel. 040 9053 689

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