Pilke Taikamaa

Playing and learning new things!

Pilke Taikamaa

Playing and learning new things!

Opening hours

Mon—Fri 7—17 (7am—5pm) (as necessary)


  • Puuhiset tel. 040 704 2863
  • Nuuttiset tel. 040 457 7087
  • Faunit tel. 040 704 4119
  • Menninkäiset tel. 040 458 9185
  • Keikkiäiset tel. 040 458 9186
  • Maahiset tel. 040 704 2855 (On call 7.00-17.00)


When the private day care allowance is taken into account, the remaining client fee is 360 € / month. Our sibling discount for the second child is 50%.

We offer 4 daily hours of early childhood education and care for 5-year-olds free of charge. Please direct any inquiries to the daycare centre manager.


If you wish your child to receive a place in early childhood education and care at Taikamaa, please fill Pilke’s daycare application form.

Pilke Taikamaa provides high-quality early childhood education and care in Ruskeasuo, Helsinki

Pilke Taikamaa is located by excellent transport connections on Mannerheimintie Street in the Helsinki district of Ruskeasuo. We make weekly trips to our close surroundings that include a forest and playgrounds, for example. At Taikamaa, children learn through play, exploration, hands-on activities, exercise and contemplation – together with others.

Our objective is to implement high-quality early childhood education and care which involves education partnership with parents, small group activities, self-expression as well as enthusiastic and insightful exploration. Our operating principles are based on creative activities, small group and project work as well as documentation.

A science club is organised for children aged over three years at the daycare centre once a week. At the science club, children explore natural sciences and technology through fun and concrete activities such as building Lego robots and observing the weather. The science club is organised by Finnish Science School.

Pilke Taikamaa - Location

Mannerheimintie 93, 00270 HELSINKI

Contact us

Contact information

Manager Katariina Lemmetti

Tel. 040 4564 676

Mannerheimintie 93

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