Pilke Maria Montessori

Playing and creative activities

Pilke Maria Montessori

Playing and creative activities

Opening hours

Mon–Fri 6:30-18 (as necessary)


  • tel. 040 905 2924
  • tel. 045 773 45312


Our daycare center uses a service voucher from the city of Espoo. Read more here!

From 1.8.2022, the client fee as its highest is 325€/month with the Espoo service voucher. Service voucher and daycare hours may affect to the fee.

A small and cozy Montessori kindergarten in Olari, Espoo

Pilke Maria Montessori is in Olari, Espoo, at Kuunsäde 2 C, 02210 Espoo. The daycare centre provides children aged 2,5–6 years with high-quality early childhood education and care based on Montessori pedagogy.

Montessori pedagogy

Montessori pedagogy respects and values children. At Pilke Maria Montessori, we support the children’s creativity which is allowed to develop in an atmosphere of trust and acceptance. Creativity is supported by all experiences that arouse the interest and curiosity of a child. Artistic activities, such as music, visual arts, literature and drama, are a natural part of the daycare centre’s everyday life, and they are treated as an entity rather than separate learning areas.


Pilke Maria Montessori - Location

Kuunsäde 2 C, 02210 Espoo

Contact us

Contact information

Manager Amanda Perho

tel. 050 581 4329

Daycare centre tel. 050 365 3246

Kuunsäde 2 C
02210 Espoo

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