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Welcome to our Open House or please call to schedule a visit and meet our fun and caring staff!


We offer early childhood education in English for children aged 3 to 7.   We believe joy and fun should be at the heart of learning and growing.


Come to learn more about our Westend Playschool at our Open House Party on January 4th 9:00 – 11:00. You are warmly welcome to stay & play with us!


We follow the Finnish Core Curriculum for Early Childhood Education and Care. We focus on the unique development of each child and the importance of a happy and nurturing environment.


We want to get to know each child as a unique individual – what do they enjoy – what is their way of doing things?


Let’s use what your child loves as the way to help them learn to make friends, be confident, explore the world and have fun – and let’s do it all in English!


We are a very warm and friendly kindergarten with a well-established reputation and strong staff continuity. Welcome!


More info:
Manager Cornelia Tuoriniemi
Tel. 0432 113 602,
Westendintie 99-101, B 14, 02160 Espoo


Read more about Pilke Playschool Westend in here!


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