Pilke iltapäiväkerhot

Jokiranta After-school Club

Afternoons at Jokiranta After-school Club include plenty of outdoor activities and exercise. In addition to our own premises, we have access to the school gym and its equipment.

Viertolankuja 1, 01300 Vantaa
club phone 040 905 2698

Kartanonkoski After-school Club

Kartanonkoski After-school Club provides various instructed activities which are planned jointly with the children. The children have daily opportunities to participate in, for example, handicraft and exercise activities and to play freely.

Tilkuntie 15, 01520 Vantaa
club phone 040 4559 710

Viertola After-school Club

Viertola After-school Club introduces children to the versatile worlds of sports and handicraft through hobby clubs. We are often provided access to the school gym where we can play and exercise in various ways.

Liljatie 2 , 01300 Vantaa
club phone 040 905 2696

Simonkallio After-school Club

Simonkallio After-school Club started its operation in the Simonkallio School’s premises on 8 August 2019. The club offers versatile activities both indoors and outdoors.

Simonkalliontie 1,
01350 Vantaa
tel. 040-9013171


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