Pilke iltapäiväkerhot

Cygnaeus After-school Club

Cygnaeus After-school Club provides children with versatile afternoon activities. At the club, everyone is friends with everyone, and the children learn to act independently in compliance with rules both as part of a group and as individuals.

Club phones:
tel. 044 701 5209
tel. 044 701 5210
tel. 044 701 9586
tel. 044 701 9587

Tasavallankatu 1,
28100 Pori

Kaarisilta After-school Club

Kaarisilta After-school Club operates in Pormestarinluoto, Pori, in the midst of lush nature by the River Kokemäenjoki. Our daily outdoor activities include the children’s independent activities, play and instructed games. The children also complete their homework and have a snack every day

Club phones:
tel. 044 701 5231
tel. 044 701 1666

Jokisatamantie 1,
28190 Pori

Käppärä After-school Club

Käppärä After-school Club’s activities include exercise, handicraft, music, expressive skills and literature. We endeavour to organise various periodical hobby clubs (e.g. exercise, handicraft, music clubs) during the club’s active period.

Club phones:
tel. 044 701 5236
tel. 044 701 5237

Käppärätie 3,
28120 Pori

Ruosniemen iltapäiväkerho

Ruosniemi After-school Club operates in the Ruosniemi School where we currently have access to the front hall, canteen and gym. The school’s surroundings offer versatile opportunities for outdoor activities, nature trips, free play and exercise.

Club phone:
tel. 044 701 52 59

Tilsantie 11,
28220 Pori

Teojoki After-school Club

The activities of Teojoki After-school Club are shaped by the club-goers as they actively participate in planning the club’s operation. We encourage the children to spend time exercising outdoors, and the club afternoon starts with outdoor activities every day.

Club phone:
tel. 044 701 5238

Kansakoulukatu 1,
28200 Pori

Vähärauma After-school Club

The week of Vähärauma After-school Club consists of various hobby clubs and daily instructed activities in accordance with monthly changing themes. Our clubs and activities include music, handicraft, familiarisation with the environment, nature trips, exercise and expressive skills.

Club phones:
tel. 044 701 5246
tel. 044 701 5247
tel. 044 701 9548

Liinaharjantie 30,
28600 Pori

Väinölä After-school Club

At Väinölä After-school Club, children spend safe and cheerful afternoons with competent instructors in the Väinölä School’s premises. We spend plenty of time outdoors, making friends while playing. The spacious school yard provides a versatile environment for exercise and play. We also have access to the school gym and its equipment.

Club phones: 
tel. 044 701 5250
tel. 044 701 0093

Luodontie 1,
28330 Pori


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