Pilke iltapäiväkerhot

Ymmersta After-school Club

Ymmersta After-school Club introduces children to the versatile worlds of sports, handicraft and drama through daily hobby clubs. Our experienced instructors engage in close cooperation with homes and school to create a safe club environment.

Ristihaantie 5, 02750 Espoo
club tel 050 432 1253

Soukka After-school Club

Soukka After-school Club is child-centred, cheerful and active. In addition to play, outdoor activities, homework and a snack, the children get to participate in exciting hobby clubs that explore the worlds of sports, handicraft, expressive skills and media skills.

Soukankuja 5, 02360 Espoo
tel. 040 905 2918

Duck Club After-school Club

Duck Club provides children with versatile after-school activities, such as exercise, outdoor activities, creative arts, trips and handicraft. Our young, energetic instructors’ goal is to create a safe and enthusiastic after-school club atmosphere.

Friisinkalliontie 4, 02240 Espoo
club phone 045 773 10 760

Karamzin After-school Club

Karamzin After-school Club is an active and good-humoured club where children get to play and participate in common activities together with friends. Instructed common activities and play familiarise the children with each other naturally, allowing them to form new friendships with ease.

Kulloonmäentie 20, 02940 Espoo
club phone 050 910 8440

Jousenkaari After-school Club

Jousenkaari After-school Club started its operation in the Uusikumpu School’s premises on 8 August 2019.
The club activities include play, exercise, games and outdoor activities as well as other versatile and inspiring child-oriented pastime. Welcome!

Uusikummun koulu
Riihitontuntie 7 B ja 7 C,
02200 Espoo
Tel. 040 905 1815

Iivisniemi After-school Club

At Iivisniemi after-school club, children participate in versatile activities in a safe environment in the presence of competent instructors.r en participate in versatile activities in a safe environment in the presence of competent instructors. The children do their homework under the adults’ supervision, and they get to familiarise themselves with diverse exercise, handicraft and media skills through instructed activities.

Arttelikuja 4, 02260 Espoo
Tel. 045 773 48566


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