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High quality private Daycare

Pilke Daycare Centres is a growing Finnish-owned company specialised in the provision of innovative early childhood education and care services. The company operates 145 daycare centres across Finland. In addition to early childhood education, Pilke organises after-school activities for basic education at 24 schools. In the autumn of 2019, Pilke extended its operations to childcare services offered to companies as employee benefits, to private individuals and via municipalities to be purchased with service vouchers.

At Pilke, children have a good day, every day

The heart of Pilke’s early childhood education is formed by its good day makers, that is, over 1,900 early childhood education professionals whose aim is to provide children with a good day, every day. In pursuit of the best way to support growth and learning, we build our work community through an active approach, professional skill, pedagogical competence, guaranteed participation of children, adaptable learning environments and an encouraging, motivational atmosphere.

Our after-school club activities provide first and second graders with a good day through safe and pleasant environments that support the education received at school and home. Pilke has after-school clubs in 24 schools in Espoo, Vantaa, Pori, Hämeenkyrö, Helsinki and Kirkkonummi.

Trustworthy Child Care

Services for childcare at home support integrating work and family life and help when the child is sick, the parent has difficulty in coping, or arranging childcare proves challenging because of hobbies, travel or other reasons. Pilke’s competent child carers are reliable and safe adults. With them, children always have an opportunity for a good day.

Pilke päiväkodit Oy has


Day care centers


10 000

Children play and grow in Pilke

The company employ approximately


Early childhood education professionals

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After-school clubs

What makes a good day at the daycare center?

  • ”Having fun and playing with your friends.”
  • ”Being on a trip or doing something exciting”
  • ”Taking a good nap.”
  • ”Being allowed to be yourself.”
  • ”Knowing that there is someone to comfort you when you feel bad.”
  • “Learning a new game that you can play at home with your family.”

The most important goal of Pilke daycare centres is to provide the child a good day to learn – every day. Because there is no one formula for a good day, a safe and friendly environment provides a good starting point for friendship, surprises and learning together. A daycare centre where you want to go and have a good time. The rest will come naturally – as long as there is a twinkle in the eyes.

Our values

Pilke’s values explain how we perform our work and for whom. We implement our values through everyday activities while playing, learning, dressing waterproof dungarees, searching for lost mittens or giving a warm hug.

“Listening to an adult.” Nuutti 6 y.o.

Safety comprises the physical, psychological and social learning and working environments. They cover the inspected and monitored daycare centre facilities and materials, common rules as well as the educators’ genuine interaction and attendance.

“That it’s foggy”. Dani 6 y.o.

Each child is accepted as a unique individual. Parents, children and colleagues are respected and treated equally. Self-respect is also valued. We place emphasis on professional, confidential interaction between the personnel, parents and the children.

“Insect.” Luka 6 y.o.

The educator’s role is to listen, give time and encourage. Our humorous atmosphere ensures that every day is a good day for the children. We encourage solution-centred working methods.

“That you know things.” Ella 6 y.o.

Each child is considered an active individual and learner. The experience of participation and the opportunity to influence one’s surroundings help both children and adults commit themselves to the daycare centre’s everyday activities.

“That you get excited on a surprise” Scarlett 6 y.o.

The inspiration and courage to try and do things in a new way are the sources of innovation. The assessment and development of operating methods is part of our work culture.