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Kartanonkoski After-school Club

After-school club provides children with versatile activities in a safe and stimulating environment


47 children

3 groups


Part-time after-school club client fee €100/month
Full-time after-school club client fee €130/month

Opening hours

Mon -fri 12-17.


Apply for a place in an after-school club on the city of Vantaa website. Fill the form: Information on the child for primary education afternoon activities.

Kartanonkoski After-school Club provides various instructed activities which are planned jointly with the children. The children have daily opportunities to participate in, for example, handicraft and exercise activities and to play freely. The club has access to classrooms where the children complete their homework, do handicrafts and play. The after-school club’s surroundings enable versatile exercise and games. As we have access to the school’s spacious yard and its equipment, the nearby sports grounds, a floorball rink and a football pitch, the children have plenty of opportunities for play and other activities. We have a daily snack in the school canteen.


Contact information


Kartanonkoski school

Tilkuntie 15, 01520 Vantaa
tel. 040 4559 710

Regional Coordinator of After School Activity
Henna Sandroos
040-905 2662

Apply for a place in an after-school club

Apply for a place in an after-school club on the city of Vantaa website.

Fill the form: Information on the child for primary education afternoon activities »

Frequently asked questions

Our after-school clubs emphasise outdoor activities and exercise as an important counterbalance to the school day. Parents, too, have expressed the wish to include as much outdoor activities in the after-school club schedule as possible. Please dress your child so that they can participate in all kinds of activities. The children should always wear or have adequate clothing in accordance with the weather (raincoat, outdoor trousers, rubber boots, warm gloves etc.). Your child should also have indoor clothing and spare gloves, especially during wet seasons when their clothes may get wet already during the school day. All after-school clubs do not have facilities for drying wet clothes.

In addition to application situations, we provide daily information via the pupil’s diary or the club phone. When relevant, we give your child handouts that contain information to parents on the after-school club’s future activities and possible trips. You may also agree a separate appointment with one of the club instructors or the coordinator to discuss club-related matters. A parents’ evening will be organised for the club-goers’ guardians during the autumn to provide them with the opportunity to discuss timely club-related matters with the instructors and the coordinator.

At the start of the operational period, the parents inform the club instructors when their child’s school days end so that the club personnel know when to expect the child to arrive. If the child does not show up at the club, an instructor contacts the parents. Parents should inform the instructors about any absences so that they do not get concerned in vain when the child does not arrive. Times for leaving the club for home are always agreed on by the adults. Thus, the child cannot come to the club and, for example, let a friend know when they leave for home. For safety reasons, cell phones are turned off during the after-school club, and communication is handled via the club phone.

The parents should inform the club instructors of all of their child’s absences so that the instructors do not get concerned in vain.

An example of a day at after-school club

The after-school club schedule is always designed on the basis of the unit’s size and objectives. This order of activities is a general example of an afternoon at our after-school club.

12:00 – 13:30 Outdoor activities
13:30 – 14:30 Snack
14:30 – 15:00 Homework
15:00 – 16.00 Instructed activities / free play
16:00 – 17.00 Outdoor activities