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Early childhood education in English 

Pilke daycare centers offer early childhood education in English language. There are English playschools, bilingual daycare centers and  language enriching daycare centers. In Pilke playschools the teaching is only in English language whereas in bilingual and language enriching daycare centers both English and Finnish are spoken.

In Pilke daycare centers we play outside, exercise, do art and crafts, play music, visit parks and forests near by and of course rest. In all Pilke daycare centers we follow the regulations of early childhood education and the national core curriculum for early childhood and care.

We follow the law of early childhood education and the nationwide early childhood education plan.

English playschool, bilingual daycare or language enriching?


In English Playschools English is spoken throughout the daycare center with professional and supportive staff. All the Playschools follow the Finnish early childhood education law and the child is in the center of everything. We want to ensure a safe and warm environment for the child to learn a new language. All children are welcome to learn English, regardless of the background or previous language skills.


In bilingual daycare centers both English and Finnish are spoken daily. The foreign language is used as much as possible and at least half of the activities are in English. We use English in our daily activities and our aim is to raise the curiosity of the child in learning a new language. We want to give a good foundation for a life long language studying. We welcome all children to the kindergarten and we embrace all cultures and backgrounds.


Language enriching early childhood education offers a lighter version of bilingual education. By language enriching we learn through play, songs, stories and everyday phrases. Language enrichning is meant for children who are bilingual or native English or Finnish speakers.

Early childhood education in English on the map

      “First it was exciting in the morning circle when I was asked ”Where is Elina”, and I answered ”Here I am”. Now English feels easy and I like to speak English.” -Elina 6 year.