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Pilke päiväkodit is a Finnish day care provider, with over 110 day care centres around Finland. We cater to over 7000 children and there are about 1100 Pilke employees. 

Pilke päiväkodit produces diverse early childhood education and extracurricular activities for children aged from 1 to 6 years. Wherever possible, day care centers also include pre-school education. Our activities are built on the child’s genuine experiences while taking into account his skills and interest. Depending on the day care centres, we offer the opportunity to learn Swedish through language shower or English language through immersion, to focus on music or creative expression, to learn about the wonders of science and nature and to experience the joy of exercise and the excitement of all the everyday routines. Our activities are summed up in our promise – the best for the little ones.

English Pilke daycare centres

Here you will find all of our English-oriented Pilke daycare centres in English.

Click the link below to list all of our daycare centres by cities (in Finnish):

Click to list all Pilke daycare centres (in Finnish)


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