Daycare application

Apply for a daycare place for your child!

Daycare application

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Daycare application

Below is the list of all the daycare centres for which you apply with the Pilke Daycare application. For the outsourced daycare centres, apply on each city’s or municipality’s own website. Check for more information or the way of applying on each daycare centre’s own website!

Find the daycare centre here.

Pilke päiväkodit Oy (Pilke Daycare Centres)

Mandatory fields marked with an asterisk*.

Choose the daycare centre

Choose the daycare centre:

1. Child's details

Last and first names (spoken name in parentheses)

Date of birth

Place of domicile

Street Address

Postal code and post office

Phone (home)

Mother tongue


2. Guardians' details

Guardian 1

Date of birth

Email address

Phone during daytime

Guardian 2

Date of birth

Email address

Phone during daytime

Other guardian (fill in if necessary)

Phone during daytime

Other information

3. Children in the family

Siblings' names and year of birth

4. Need of daycare

Select your day care needs

Over 35 hours/week or 147 hours/month27 hours - 35 hours/week or 108 - 146 hours/month20 hours/week or 80 hours/monthPre-school educationPre-school education and complementary early childhood educationOther

Something else, what

Desired beginning (month, year)

5. Other points to consider

Other points to consider, e.g. special diet

6. How did you hear about us?

A direct letter came to my homeMunicipality/CityAdvertising on the InternetAdvertising in the newspaperFB pagesNews / article in the newspaperChild FairPrinted ad in your immediate neighborhoodFrom an acquaintanceOther

7. Time, Place, Signature

Confirm place, time and your name

Email address for further contact


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