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Music-oriented daycare centre Metsätuuli

Daily life at music-oriented day care centre Pilke Metsätuuli is full of versatile activities and pleasant time together. We express the musical learning orientation through our love for music, and we sing, play instruments, dance and improvise in a joyful atmosphere every day. At Metsätuuli, every child is the super star of their life, just the way they are.

Manager Jenni Jyrinki
Tel. 040 710 7787

Pistotie 1
84100 Ylivieska

Päiväkodit Ylivieska

Pilke nature-oriented daycare centre Taikaniitty

The nature-oriented daycare centre Taikaniitty provides early childhood education and care for children aged 1–5 years. We offer safe and child-centred early education in a versatile, homelike environment that enables learning with all senses.

Vuokko Vinberg
Puh. 044 3281 896

Vesalantie 10
84100 Ylivieska


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