Pilke Daycare centers

Pilke Aarteiden Talo

Art-oriented daycare centre Pilke Aarteiden Talo operates in an ecological log building where the children and early childhood educators get to enjoy fresh indoor air, good acoustics and the calm, peaceful atmosphere created by solid wood elements.

Manager Mija Husar-Pihkala
Tel. 040 905 2928

Korkinporras 1

Pilke sports-oriented daycare centre Vauhti

Pilke’s sports-oriented daycare centre Vauhti is located in a peaceful residential area close to nature in Lahela, Tuusula. The daycare centre and its yard have been designed to meet the needs of children. Our premises are new, spacious and bright, and they have plenty of room for play and exercise.

Manager Emöke Bardi-Jankujne
Tel. 044 298 2388

Neitoperhonkuja 2
04330 LAHELA


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