Pilke Daycare centers


Pilke science-oriented daycare centre Hokaus

Pilke’s science-oriented daycare centre Hokaus opened in the Tampere district of Vuores in 1 August 2016. The new, modern district which combines closeness to nature, high-quality architecture, environmental friendliness, top-notch technology and small-town services provides a fitting setting for the daycare unit whose operation emphasises natural sciences.

Manager Paula Jokinen
tel. 040 457 8934

Mäyränmäenkatu 2
33720 Tampere

Päiväkodit Tampere

Pilke music-oriented daycare centre Nuottisilta

Pilke’s music-oriented daycare centre Nuottisilta opened on Annankatu Street, Tampere, in January 2017. The daycare centre has 48 places for children aged 0–5 years. We have two larger child groups, both of which have been divided into three small groups. All of our groups are named after musical instruments.

Manager Janne Sulin
Tel. 040 186 6692

Annalankatu 13
33710 Tampere


Pilke sports-oriented daycare centre Pispala

The sports-oriented daycare unit Pispala is a Tampere-based outsourced daycare centre which was transferred to Pilke Daycare Centre’s ownership from the Ahjola Settlement on 1 August 2018. The daycare centre is located by the Haulitorni Tower at Ahjolankatu 3.

Manager Hanna-Mari Autioniemi
tel. 044 4918 546

Ahjolankatu 3,
33250 Tampere


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