Pilke Daycare centers

Pilke Englantilainen Leikkikoulu

The central, yet peaceful location of the English-speaking Pilke Englantilainen Leikkikoulu by Lake Kirkkolampi enables versatile activities. We are only a short way from the city centre’s cultural services, and our child groups are a familiar sight at the library’s story times and Minikino film club, in science centres Arktikum and Pilke as well as Vesihiisi swim school. In addition, we make trips to the playground and sand pitch in Lake Kirkkolampi’s surroundings and in the wintertime, we can go skiing or ice fishing.

Manager EveNevala
Tel. 040 1988 155

Vapaudentie 6
96100 Rovaniemi

Pilke Taikametsä

The central yet peaceful location of Pilke daycare centre Taikametsä by Lake Kirkkolampi enables versatile activities. Our spacious, bright facilities can be adapted to best support the child groups’ activities. The daycare centre’s large gym enables us to enjoy the joy of exercise and hold common events for all of the children.

Manager Eve Nevala
Puh. 040 1988 155

Vapaudentie 6
96100 Rovaniemi

Pilke Mäkiranta

Daycare centre Mäkiranta is located in a pleasant, peaceful area in Pullinranta’s beautiful hill scenery. We use the nearby pitch for track and field sports and ice skating practices, for example. In addition, we make regular trips to the nearby forests in Ounasvaara Hill’s surroundings.

Manager Eve Nevala
Tel. 040 1988 155

Mäkiranta 3
96200 Rovaniemi

Pilke Saarenkylä

Housed in new, modern premises completed in 2017, Pilke daycare centre Saarenkylä is located in the pleasant and peaceful Saarenkylä area in the midst of a beautiful hill scenery. Saarenkylä is full of magnificent sites for trips and visits, including the Sanu sports field, a library, a sheltered housing unit and plenty of natural forests for berry picking, exploration and geo-caching.

Manager Teemu Nätynki
Tel. 040 968 1264

Ritarinne 10
96900 Rovaniemi

Pilke Science-oriented daycare centre Kuukkeli

Pilke Science-oriented daycare center Kuukkeli opened in Rovaniemi in August 2020. At the science-oriented daycare centre, we focus on exploring and wondering natural phenomena that arouse the children’s interest. Depending on the children’s ages, the activities may involve studying space or the states of water, admiring rainbows or building three-dimensional objects.

Manager Arja Vilkki
arja.vilkki @pilkepaivakodit.fi

Gardininkuja 1
96800 Rovaniemi


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