Pilke Daycare centers

Pilke Sini-Emilia

Pilke Sini-Emilia provides homelike early childhood education and care for 35 children in the Korttionmäki residential area of Riihimäki. We have designed our operational environment together with the children, creating an adaptable, colourful learning environment that encourages children to play and explore in a child-oriented manner.

Manager Minna Puusniekka
Tel. 040 905 3002

Korttiontie 23
11130 Riihimäki

Pilke nature-oriented daycare centre Poutapilvi

Pilke Poutapilvi is a cosy, pleasant private daycare centre in the Räätykänmäki residential area of Riihimäki. The forest right behind the daycare centre offers excellent opportunities for play, trips and nature exploration throughout the year.

Manager Jonna Lautanen
Tel. 040 4578221

Koppelintie 40
11710 Riihimäki


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