Pilke Daycare centers

Pilke science-oriented daycare centre Välke

In August 2018, Pilke opened daycare centre Välke on Koekatu Street in the Pori Housing Fair area. The science-oriented Pilke unit provides high-quality child-centred early childhood education and care for children aged 0–6 years at a warm-spirited daycare centre with 96 daycare places, and our services also include pre-primary education.

Emilia Anttila
Tel. 044 7384 182

Koekatu 1
28100 Pori

Päiväkodit Pori

Pilke music-oriented daycare centre Rytmi

Pilke’s music-oriented daycare centre Rytmi opened on Palokärjentie Street in the Pori district of Murtosenmutka in August 2016. Rytmi has five groups and 108 places for children aged 0–6 years. The daycare centre also provides pre-primary education. Music plays a special role in the early education provided at Rytmi. All children are naturally drawn to music, and studies show that music has positive impacts on children’s development.

Manager Päivi Mäntynen
Tel. 040 9053 687

Palokärjentie 2
28220 Pori

Englanninkieliset päiväkodit

Pilke Kielipolku

Pilke Kielipolku opened its doors in Tiilimäki in Pori on August 1, 2016. The daycare centre has 45 daycare places for children aged 0—5 years and language showering for children aged 3—5 years.

Päivi Mäntynen
Tel. 040 9053 687


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