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Pilke Hehku

Science-oriented daycare centre Pilke Hehku opens in a brand-new log building in the Klaukkala residential area of Vanha-Klaukka in January 2022. However, the daycare centre operation starts in substitute premises at the address Kuusitie 4, 01840 Klaukkala already in August 2021.

Manager Andrea Vanhanen
Tel. 050 359 6815

Luhtavillantie 1, 01800 Klaukkala

Pilke music-oriented daycare centre Helmitarha

Pilke Helmitarha is a homelike, music-oriented daycare centre in central Nurmijärvi. Helmitarha provides versatile, child-centred early childhood education and care in a warm-spirited daycare centre where the children experience the joy of life and feel loved in a safe environment.

Manager Emöke Bardi
Tel. 050 355 3359

Punamullantie 12,
01900 Nurmijärvi

Pilke Matilda

Pilke Matilda is located in the peaceful residential area of Harjuala in the village of Klaukkala, Nurmijärvi. Our close surroundings enable making trips to forests, and there are two playgrounds, a sports field and a sledding hill within a walking distance. We also provide pre-primary education services.

Manager Andrea Vanhanen
Tel. 050 359 6815

Graniittitie 1
01840 Klaukkala

Päiväkodit Nurmijärvi

Pilke sports-oriented daycare centre Hippa

Pilke’s sports-oriented daycare centre Hippa is located in a peaceful residential area in Nurmijärvi. The spacious daycare centre has plenty of room for play and exercise, and the close surroundings offer excellent opportunities for outdoor activities. Our operation is based on the children’s desire to exercise, explore, play and learn.

Manager Emöke Bardi-Jankujne
Tel. 050 355 3359

Lumpperintie 6,


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