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Päiväkoti Smile

Smile is a small, peaceful daycare centre with places for a bit over 20 children. The daycare centre is characterised by a safe, homelike atmosphere. We offer education and care to children aged 3–6 years, but at the discretion of the parents and our personnel, we may admit younger children as well.

Manager Sanna Alho
Tel. 040 457 8206

Utinkatu 43,
45200 Kouvola

Pilke music-oriented daycare centre Sointu

Pilke’s music-oriented daycare centre Sointu opened in February 2016 in Torniomäki, Kouvola. The daycare centre is a new building close to central Kouvola. We offer daycare places for children aged 0–6 years, and we also have a pre-primary education group.

Manager Eeri Hirsi
Puh.040 905 2927

Kaartokuja 1
45200 Kouvola

Pilke sports-oriented daycare centre Kuperkeikka

Pilke Kuperkeikka is a small and welcoming sports-oriented private daycare centre in central Kouvola close to excellent sports facilities and outdoor environments.

Manager Eeri Hirsi
Puh. 040 905 2927

Kauppalankatu 27
45100 Kouvola


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