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Pilke sports-oriented daycare Kurkela

Sports-oriented daycare centre Kurkela started its operation in the peaceful Kurkela area in August 2014. Our spacious and bright facilities encourage energetic activities, and there is plenty of space to run and bustle about. We provide high-quality child-centred early childhood and pre-primary education for children aged 0–6 years.

Manager Emöke Bardi
Tel. 050 355 3359

Leivonkatu 2
04230 Kerava

päiväkodit järvenpää

Englanninkieliset päiväkodit

Kiddy House

Kiddy House in Kerava became a Pilke Daycare Centre on August 1, 2016. In addition to supporting the child’s versatile development and learning, our goal is to introduce the over three-year olds to the English language and to encourage them into active use of this new language with the help of our English- and Finnish-speaking staff.

Manager Nina Finsk
Puh. 040 451 7034

Marjatantie 19
04230 Kerava


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