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Pilke’s nature-oriented daycare centre Kanerva

Daycare centre Kanerva opened in January 2020. At nature-oriented daycare centre Kanerva, children participate in a wide variety of outdoor activities, come rain or shine. The activities place emphasis on wondering and exploring various natural phenomena. Our operation is based on play, common activities and paying attention to the children’s ideas.

Henna Lenets
Tel. 040 357 8216

20540 Kaarina

Pilke science-oriented daycare centre Kipinä

Daycare centre Kipinä opened on Nurminiitynkatu Street in Piispanristi in January 2018. We have 96 daycare places for children aged 0–5 years, and we also provide evening care (until 10 pm) for children who require it.

Manager Charlotte Lundell
Tel. 040 4517 604

Nurminiitynkatu 1
20760 Piispanristi

Pilke music-oriented daycare centre Aurora

Pilke Aurora opened in Piispanristi, Kaarina, in August 2019. The daycare centre has a music-orientation, and it provides early childhood education and care also in Swedish. The children get to speak Swedish when interacting with their group’s Swedish-speaking educators in connection with all of the daycare centre’s everyday activities and games.

Manager Charlotte Lundell

Nurminiitynkatu 3
20760 Piispanristi

Pilke Omppula

Pilke Omppula is a private daycare centre located in the Raadelma area of Piikkiö. The daycare centre has provided daycare services to families residing in Piikkiö and the surrounding regions since the autumn of 2003. Omppula also provides pre-primary education.

Manager Taina Nurmi
Tel. 040 455 7479

Hartmanintie 2
21500 Piikkiö


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